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MCC Menno Wiebe Native Concerns Collection

  • Sammlung
  • 1876, 1929, 1958-1997 , predominant 1970-1997

This collection consists of 30 series:
-1) Education, 1967-1992
-2) Paraguay Materials, 1982-1987
-3) Minutes, 1980-1990
-4) Four World's Development Project, 1984-1987
-5) Project North, 1979-1993
-6) Native Language Studies, 1960-1993
-7) Plays Written by Menno Wiebe, 1984.
-8) Book Reviews, 1980s-1990s
-9) Manomin Wild Rice Materials, 1980s
-10) Government Related Materials, 1971-1994
-11) Environmental Impact Statements, 1985-1997
-12) Various Reports Related to Aboriginal Issues, 1971-1997
-13) Land and Treaty Regulations Materials, 1973-1995
-14) Reports About Aboriginal Issues Written by Mennonites, 1973-1993
-15) General MCC Materials, 1982-1988
-16) Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples, 1986-1995
-17) Nechi Institute on Alcohol and Drug Education, 1983-1984
-18) Brochures, various dates
-19) Aboriginal Tribal Materials, 1975-1996
-20) Scattered Issues of Periodicals and Newspapers, 1970-1997
-21) Photographs, 1980-1993
-22) Audio Cassettes, [19-].
-23) Slide Presentations, [19-].
-24) Slides, various dates.
-25) Filmstrips, [19-].
-26) Video, 1986
-27) Films, [19-]- 1979
-28) Flags, [19-].
-29) Maps, 1876, 1929, 1958-1983
-30) Posters, [19-],1989-1994

Wiebe, Menno, 1932-

Harold Stauffer Bender Papers

  • US GCA HM1/278
  • Sammlung
  • 1897 - 1962

This collection is currently being reprocessed.  The finding aid is therefore incomplete.

Bender, Harold Stauffer, 1897-1962

Henry Dyck Photo Collection

  • CA MHSS 894-23
  • Sammlung
  • 1912 to 1936

Photos of Hague and District

Dyck, Henry

Sheridan Mennonite Church

  • Sammlung
  • undated

This small collection includes Mennonite Women Activities, Sunday School records, 1981 Footprints and 50th Anniversary program and pictures.

John Gingerich

Bible Mennonite Fellowship

  • US PNMHS III-5.1
  • Sammlung
  • 1981 - 2007

1 Archival Box containing 6 folders of print materials

Lynn Miller

J. B. Toews Papers

  • US MLA M37
  • Sammlung
  • 1906 - 1999

Toews, J.B. (Johann Benjamin), 1906-1998

John Holdeman Papers

  • US BCMLA MS.92
  • Sammlung
  • 1860 - 1900

Much of the correspondence in this collection consists of letters written by Johann Holdeman to Peter Toews and his wife, 1882-1898, found in the J. I. Penner (JIP) collection from Kleefeld, Manitoba. These letters are all in German. There is also some correspondence to Peter Toews from other people. Much of the material came from collections owned by J. J. Unruh (JJU), Isaac Toews (IT), and some from Lizzie Benson (LB) and from Harry Wenger (HW).

The documents (folders 24-25) of the IT collection are of significance in the pre-migration and immigration to Canada period. They are related to Peter Toews and the Kleine Gemeinde.

In addition to the correspondence, there are also xeroxed copies of three account books: (1) Holdeman’s personal account book (1884ff.) with some record of his animal breeding and trade, planting crops and trees, weather conditions, home remedies, etc.; (2) his Botschafter der Wahrheit record book with subscriber lists, as well as a few miscellaneous items; and (3) his resume of debts, 1899-1900, indicating how he planned to deal with these or, in the event of his death, how they were to be settled. The first two are owned by Lizzie Benson, a granddaughter, and the third by F. H. Wenger.

No originals of these materials are in the MLA. As of 3 October 2000, the locations of all originals is unknown.

The method used in filing the Holdeman material proceeds from the personal to the more general in alphabetical and chronological order as much as possible; and from the material which is directly related to John Holdeman to that related to others. The various sources (LB, JIP, IT, JJU, FHW, and HW), unless the material has been filed under a specific category (e.g., account books, etc.) are filed in alphabetical order: Benson, Penner, Toews, Unruh, Wenger. (The material in ledger 3 of the J. J. Unruh collection, folders 29-33, precedes that of ledger 2.)

Holdeman, John (1832-1900)

Lawrence and Laverna Klippenstein Family Photograph Collection

  • CA MHC 734
  • Sammlung
  • 1954-1958, 1976-1996

This collection contains photos taken in:
a) Northern Manitoba while teaching in First Nation Communities, 1954-1958 (items 1 to 164)
b) the Soviet Union, 1976-1996 (items 165-281)


Shirley Bergen Photograph Collection

  • CA CMBS NP132-01
  • Sammlung
  • 1925-1950

This is a family photo collection relating to Shirley (Penner) Bergen's mother (Ida Hiebert GRANDMA ID: 423753 ) and father (Isaac Penner GRANDMA ID: 23457).


Women in Missions Photo Collection

  • CA MHSS UNK 185
  • Sammlung
  • 1970 to 2014

Photos of Delegates to Canadian Women in Mission conferences, Saskatchewan Women in Mission and Women's Missionary Society.


COE Slide Presentation - "The Bloody Theatre or Martyrs Mirror"

  • CA MHC 706
  • Sammlung
  • 1660-1973

This slide presentation provides historical overview of <i>The Martyrs Mirror</i>, first published in 1660, a significant document of the Mennonite Church, and specifically it includes reproductions of 38 etchings by Dutch artist Jan Luyken, as first published in the 1685 edition. Prepared with a written script to be read, as each image was projected with a Kodak slide projector.

Mennonite Library and Archives (Newton, Kansas)

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