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Anne Penner fonds

  • Sammlung
  • 1945-1992

This fonds contains three diaries the first from 1945 until 1987 which appears to have been recopied. The first diary gives memoirs and accounts of Penner’s time in India including personal stories, politics, weather, and major news events. The first diary also includes loose pages in the back from 1981 and 1993, other loose pages are included with no specified year. The second diary spans from 1988 until 1990, and the third from 1990-1992. These two diaries are from Penner’s retirement in Winnipeg, Manitoba and include memoirs, personal experiences, news, and medical topics such as AIDS. Penner’s bible has prayers and notes throughout, in the back there is a short timeline of her first trip to India.
In addition, This fonds contains a letter written by Penner to her adoptive relative Doreen Loewen in 1956 while she was in India, recounting her work in the hospital and teaching Sunday school. Finally, also included are Penner's business card and two pins; one of these pins is a nursing pin, and the other contains a photo of her late parents.

Penner, Anne, 1916-1996

Graduation in Winnipeg

Photograph of Anne Penner on the day of her graduation, May 14, 1945, in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Penner, Anne, 1916-1996

Anne with her adoptive parents

Photograph of Anne Penner with her adoptive parents, Mr. and Mrs. Loeppky, on the day she left to work as a nurse in India

Penner, Anne, 1916-1996

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