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Eating watermelon.

This photo is of family around the table eating watermelon:Left-right: Sara Neumann, Willie and Erna Harder, Peter's wife, my brother Peter, Franz Enns, Elsa Enns (Franz's wife),Viktor's child, Edi, Viktor's children, me, Irene...

Family photo.

This photo is of fifteen people, October 1959."Belated New Year's Greetings."Names: Franz, Liese, Mama, Njuta Baerg, Hans Dick and his daughter,his wife Kaethe and his mother.Also, Sara Baerg and her two sons.Note: Numbered for ID

Family photo.

This photo is taken October 1982:Front row (l-r): Liese (Abram's wife), Egun -Sara's grandchild, Sara, Elli -Sara's grand-daughter, Agatha, Loelja (Fast) HildebrandtBack row (l-r): Ira - Viktor's wife, brother Abram, me(Njuta)...

Family photo.

This photo is taken October 1982.Front row (l-r): Liese (Abram's wife), Viktor's children, Sara Neumann, Agat, LeljaBack row (l-r): Irene and Viktor Neumann, Njuta, Abram B., Kaeti E., Liese E.Note: Photo likely taken by Hans Hildebrandt.

Funeral of Peter Neumann.

This photo is of Peter Neumann in the coffin, born December 24,1901 and surrounded by his family, July 27, 1975.Names listed: Erna Harder, Rita Preuss, Waja Preuss, Viktor N., Hein Wiebe, son of Agnes Fast, Njuta Baerg, Me (Sara), Egon N.


This photo is of the funeral of [Lena Preuss]. The coffin is surrounded by her family including Enns and Harders.Note: See NP164-03-46

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