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Sewing circles

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Sewing circles

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Sewing circles

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Dorcas Ruth sewing circle

21 women meeting in a living room. Back row (left to right) Hildegard Funk, Lydia Isaak, Shirley Giesbrecht, Freda Isaak, Martha Janzen, Hilda Epp, Erna Barwich, Kay Isaak, Lena Sheer, Kathryn Janzen, Mary Unger. Middle row (left to right): Erna R...

Dorcas Ruth sewing circle

47 women in the choir loft. Back row (left to right) Helen ?, Martha Janzen, Lydia Isaak, Margaret Thiessen, Kay Unger, Elizabeth Quapp? Irene Tilitsky, Mary Froese, Lena Scheer, Frieda Heinrich, Anne Friesen, Agnes Sawatsky, Jessie Guenther, Fri...

Dorcas Ruth sewing club

15 women standing around a dining room table. Back row (left to right) Margaret Giesbrecht, Kay Funk, Erna Ewert, Margaret Matthies, Hilda Epp, Marion Janzen, Helen Wolfe, Erna Heinrichs, Ruth Schmoll? Elfrieda Loewen; Front row (left to right): ...

Group of women

A group of women in front of a house. Back row (left right): Mary Janzen, Elizabeth Loewen; middle row (left to right): Helen Martens, Martha Gossen, Mrs. Suderman; front row (left to right): Katie Suderman, Agnes Matties, Mary Gossen

Sewing circle

12 women standing on church steps. Back row (left to right): unknown, unknown, unknown. Third row (left to right): Mrs. Kroeker, unknown. Second row (left to right): unknown, unknown, unknown. Front row (left to right): Katharina Lenzman, Elizab...

Women sewing

This is a photo of women sewing and having devotions. They are seated in two rows. A little child is walking in between the two rows. There are several buildings in the background and trees in the distance.

Women's Verein

Left to right: Unknown, Helen Reimer (Wiens), unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, _______Neufeld, _____ Kornelson, unknown, unknown, Elizabeth Sawatsky (Loewen), Olga Rempel (Hepting), unknown,

Women's Verein

Six women standing outside a building. From left to right: Ann (Annchen) Derksen, Helen Loewen, Agnes Mathies, Mary Goossen, Helen Martens, Elizabeth (Loewen) Sawatzky.

Yarrow sewing club

Sewing circle consisting of 18 women of the Yarrow Mennonite Brethren church. Standing (left to right) : Frieda Maier, Elizabeth (Loewen)Sawatsky, Lydia Giesbrecht, Nettie Dueck, Tina Klassen, Katie Reimer, Anna Froese, Margaret Schellenberg. Si...


Yarrow sewing club celebrating 50th

Sewing circle of the Yarrow Mennonite Brethren celebrating 50th anniversary with their husbands. Standing back row (left to right) : Olga Rempel, Liese Heinrichs, David Heinrichs, Henry Derksen, George Sawatsky, Peter Dueck, John L. Reimer, David...