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Arbor Day

This photo is of 4 boys - one of them on the far left is pushing down on the handle of a shovel. The boy in front of him is on top of the shovel, pushing down. Two boys on the far right are using ropes to pull. It would seem they are trying to remove a stump. There is another boy off the camera, also holding/pulling a piece of rope.

Class Photo

This photo is of a large group of people standing outside the front doors of Steinbach Bible College. This is presumably a class photo.

Class pictures

This photo is of a classroom (most likely David Voth's class). There are a row of children sitting on the ground in front. Behind them, there are about three rows of school kids. There are about 39 children in total.

Deverakonda Mission Middle School

This photo is of a grop of young children lined up outside of a white building behind a flag pole. In other photos, this building is labeled as the Deverakonda Mission Middle School. There are more children not lined up in the photo.

Warkentin, Helen L., 1887-1975

Doctor Drama

This photo is of a drama (same as NP198-05-7) in which three medical personnelle are surrounding the bed of an ill man in a hallway.

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