Nagarkurnool (India)



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Nagarkurnool (India)

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Nagarkurnool (India)

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Nagarkurnool (India)

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Bible School in Nagarkurnool

This photo is of a large group of people, a mixture of Indian and missionaries. They in front of a white building. There are four rows in total, with the first row sitting on the ground. The group is a mix of men and women, and the photo is labelled as the bible school in Nagarkurnool. John Lohrenz appears to be seated in the middle of the group, second row, 6th person from the left (not including the baby). Some of the women in the first row hold small children in the arms.

Warkentin, Helen L., 1887-1975

Nagar Kurnool

This photo is of a group of four people (3 women, one man) in front of a small buildling in Nagarkurnool, India. Anna Hanneman is standing 2nd from the left, and one of the ladies at her side (either left or right) is most likely Katherine Schellenberg.

Warkentin, Helen L., 1887-1975

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