Janz, Willy, 1926-1986



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Janz, Willy, 1926-1986

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Janz, Willy, 1926-1986

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Janz, Willy, 1926-1986

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Boqueirao baptism

This item is a picture of a baptism group at the Boqueirao Mennonite Brethren Church in Curitiba, Brazil. (l-r): Daryl Rempel, Esther Marina Bonk, Abram Dueck (minister), Regina Rempel, Rosane Patricia Schartner, Willy Janz (minister), Claudio Siemens, Rudolfo Enns, Martin Toews, Claudio Thiessen, Claudio Roberto Gortz.

Boqueirao baptism group

This item is a group picture of a baptism at Boqueirao Mennonite Brethren Church in Curitiba, Brazil. At the far right is Abram Dueck (pastor) and at the far left is Roberto Lay (music teacher at ISBIM), next is Willy Janz (conference leader in Brazil), in the wheelchair is Franz Goertz. First row (l-r): Heidi Pankratz, Jacqueline Braun, Irmgard Reimer, Rosi Pankratz. Second row (l-r): Ronald Klassen, Rony Dueck, Roberto Franke, Arnold Winter, Arnold Hamm. Third row (l-r): Klaus Wieler, Peter Harms, Udo Rempel, Ernesto Janzen, Marwin Schartner, and Udo Janzen.

Filadelfia Bible School

This item shows the students and teachers of the Filadelfia Bible School in Fernheim, Chaco, Paraguay. J.H. Franz is seventh from left. Next to him are Willy Janz and Hans Legiehn.

Group shot of MB delegates.

This photo is a group shot of delegates at the 13th South American MB Conference convention. Standing in the second row second from the left is Gerhard B. Giesbrecht; in the first row second from the right is Willy Janz, on the far right in the middle row is F.C. Peters; second from the right in the middle row is Eric Giesbrecht; fourth from the left in the second row is Kornelius Isaak; and in the back row second from the right is J.J. Toews.

Mennonite Brethren consultation on evangelism

This is a photo of the participants at the Mennonite Brethren Consultation on Evangelism: (front, l-r) Aseervadam Rampogu, India; Waldo Wiebe, USA, Dale Warkentin, USA; Joseph Silumula, India; Paul Friesen, Peru; Takao Nakamura, Japan; Andreas Setiawan, Indonesia; Ben Zerbe, USA; Henry Brucks, Canada; Masaru Oyama; (second row) Mrs. [Susan (Lepp)] G.W. Peters, Dr. G.W. Peters, USA; J. Williams Carey, India; Jacob Franz, Canada; Mrs. Marie Wiens, USA; Mr. and Mrs. M.B. John, India; Kassai Kapata, Zaire, Lumeya Nzashi, Zaire, Arnold Prieb, India; Bill Wiebe, USA; Victor Plazas, Colombia; Chindia Pena, Panama; Jake H. Epp, Canada; (third row) Erich Giesbrecht, Paraguay; J.B. Toews, USA; Willy Janz, Brazil, Clarence Hiebert, USA; Senecio Romera, Paraguay; Gerhard Jantz, Canada; Rolf Rudiger Schuester, Germany; Charles Christano, Indonesia; Hector Rodriguez, Colombia; Henry Schmidt, USA; Erven Thiessen, Brazil; Walter Preza, Uruguay; Aureliano Sabugara, Panama; John Schmidt, Canada; John Savoia, Colombia; Velma Isaak, Canada; (fourth row) Silvia Faustini, Brazil; John Klassen, Brazil; Mrs. Jacob Franz, Canada; Mrs. Ernest Friesen, USA; Ernest Schmidt, Canada; Eduardo Friesen, Brazil; Adi Matolyzc, Austria; Luis Alum, Paraguay; Andreas Olivares, Mexico; Don Enns, Austria; John N. Klassen, Germany; Richard Wiens, Mexico; Henry Poetker, Canada; Vernon Reimer, Colombia; Vernon Wiebe, USA; Ernest Friesen, USA; Abe Esau, Zaire; Peter Huebert, Ecuador; Sylvester Dirks, Canada; Jake Riediger and Martin Durksen, Canada. See MBH, September 5, 1975, p. 13.

Mennonite Brethren leaders.

This photo is of a group of Mennonite Brethren leaders at a South American District MB Conference convention. Depicted in the photo are (l-r) Willy Janz of Paraguay, Erich Giesbrecht of Paraguay, Heinrich Loewen of Brazil, Tobias Voth of Uruguay, and Hansi Goerz of Brazil.

South American MB Conference board.

This photo is of the South American MB Conference board. Pictured are (l-r) Willy Janz (Fernheim), Hans Goerz (Curitiba), Hans Wiens, (Fernheim), Peter Neufeld (Fernheim), Peter Neufeld (Fernheim), Gerhard Balzer (Fernheim), Gerhard Balzer (Fernheim) and Tobias Voth (El-Ombu).

Students and teachers.

This photo is a group shot of students and teachers from the Friesland Bible School. Seated in the front row are (l-r) Peter Klassen, Cornelius Voth, Willy Janz, and Cornelius Hildebrandt.

Students and teachers of 1964.

This photo is of the Fernheim Bible School students and teachers of 1964. Pictured at the front are (l-r) Eric Giesbrecht, M.A. Kroeker, director Willy Janz, Harold Funk, and Heinrich Loewen.