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Ontario Panel

This is a photo of a panel discussion in Ontario. Pictured are (left to right): Frank H. Epp, David P. Neufeld, Isaac Tiessen, Jake Fransen, Paul Fast, and Werner Fast.

Ontario Group, MCC-related

This is a photo of several people standing in front of a church in Ontario for an MCC-related occassion. Pictured are (left to right): Newton Gingerich, Bishop Swalm, unidentified, unidentified, C. J. Rempel, Ted Friesen, D. P. Neufeld, and uniden...

Study Conference in Ontario

This is a photo of a large group assembled for a study conference in Ontario. First row (left to right): Hugo Jantz, unknown, unknown, unknown, Helen Janzen, Bishop Swalm and Ted Friesen; second row: John Harder, Newton Gingerich, unknown, unknown...