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Abraham & Justina Barg

Abram , dressed in a dark suit and Justina, wearing a dark dress, Barg standing in front of their house.


Peter & Elizaeth Penner family

A family photo taken by what would be appear to be a professional photographer Back row L- R Ernest Penner, Ervin Penner and his wife Amalia, Henry Penner and his wife Pansy, John and his wife, Peter Grunau with his wife Kay Penner seated in fron...


Annie Becker & Barbara Schultz

Annie Becker wearing a yellow dress in standing beside her mother-in-law Barbara Schultz who is seated in a chair. There are beautiful flowers in the background.


Margaret Janzen

Margaret Janzen (Klassen) is sitting at the head of the table with a number of unknown persons. The picture was taken in Russia.


Heinrich & Maria Warkentin

Henry & Mary Warkentin from Backnang. Germany visiting at Gerry & Eula Regehr's in Sherwood Park. They are sitting in the living room. Mary sitting on the couch and Henry sitting on a chair.

Peter Regehr family picture

Family photo taken by McDermid Studios in Edmonton. Gerry had enlisted in the Royal Canadian Airforce and his mother wanted a family picture before he left home.Back row (left to right) Edward, Fred, Gerry, Walter, JohnFront row (left to right) Ed...

Erwin Unrau & Alice Regehr wedding

Wedding of Erwin Unrau and Alice Regehr on March 5, 1960 at First Mennonite Church, Edmonton, Alberta. Alice's father passed away one week before the wedding.

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