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John Dyck Photo Collection

  • CA MHC 514
  • Sammlung
  • [1850-1966?]

The items in this collection were gathered by John Dyck in the process of researching the first settlers of the Manitoba Mennonite West Reserve, and about half of them were published by the Manitoba Mennonite Historical Society in "1880 Vill...


Isaak I. Peters photo collection

  • CA CMBS NP213-01
  • Sammlung
  • 1868-1908

The collection consists of three family portraits.


Glenn Penner photo collection

  • CA MHC 717
  • Sammlung
  • 1870-1918, predominantly 1908-1918

This collection consists of 6 images. Penner found these images with friends and relatives in the Plum Coulee area.


Nik Dyck Photograph Collection

  • CA CMBS NP131-01
  • Sammlung
  • 1870-1960

These are photographs donated by Nik Dyck (or his family).


Ben Sawatzky Collection

  • CA CMBS NP074-1
  • Sammlung
  • [1890-1920?]

These photos are known as the Ben Sawatzky collection.


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