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The Agora Church Photograph Collection

  • CA CMBS NP204-01
  • Sammlung
  • [2008-2010]

The Agora Church formed a special missions committee in 2008 under the leadership of Kate Dewhurst, that developed a relationship with a fledgling Christian school in Buwate, Uganda, called “Hope of Good Future Primary School.” Dr. Walter F. Sch...


Agnes Pauls trip to Ukraine regarding the Jacob Reimer tombstone

  • CA CMBS NP185-01
  • Sammlung
  • 2008

The photos in this collection are of descendants of Jacob D. Reimer, an early Mennonite Brethren leader and their journey to the Ukraine to visit the areas where Jacob Reimer, and his family once lived. Jacob D. Reimer is the 3rd great-grandfath...

Pauls, Agnes (authorized)

MB Herald Photograph Collection

  • CA CMBS NP149
  • Sammlung
  • 1880-2002

The MB Herald photograph collection is the single largest photo collection at the CMBS, consisting of over 10,000 images selected for archival storage.


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