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Series consists of the following files:1) BBI - 1939-1964 - (4 files) - Box 1722) AMBBS - 2003 - (1 file) - Box 1723) MBBI - 1948-1972, 1982 - (11 files) - Box 1724) CBI - 1971-1987 - (files 1-9) - Box 172, (files 10-15) - Box 1735) CBC - 1...

Principals - Framed display photos

The sub series consists of the following framed photographs:001) J. F. Redekop, Principal, 1944-1955 - Box 426002) A. H. Wieler, Principal, 1955-1959 - Box 426003) George G. Konrad, Principal, 1959-1962 - Box 426004) John B. Epp, Principal, 196...

Columbia Bible College (Abbotsford, British Columbia)


Three characters in medieval costumes are performing in a drama on stage. One of the characters, wearing a cloak is kneeling in front of a table where another character is consulting some papers. A guard is standing beside the table.


Choir with Rudy Baerg

A choir is singing at Bakerview Mennonite Brethren Church. Rudy Baerg is conducting. There are thirty-five singers standing at the front of the church. The ladies are wearing white blouses and black skirts with red sashes. The men are wearing na...


Mens' basketball

A basketball is in progress in a gymnasium. Several spectators are seated on a counter in the background.


Faculty and staff

Faculty and staff posing on the grounds of the school.Back row (left to right): Murray Phillips, Gerald Thiessen, Mrs. ___Neufeld, David Giesbrecht, Monica Neufeld, Jurgen Schoenwetter, Norbert Bargen, Rudy Baerg, Gerald Janzen, John Schmidt, John...



Thirty- three students including a few graduates in the chapel.


Mens' hockey

A hockey game is in progress. A crowd of spectators is in the stands.



Three students sitting on a couch. (Left to right): unknown, Peter Friesen and Erin Konrad


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