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Edna Hunsperger Bowman photograph albums

  • CA MAO Hist.Mss.1.154.16
  • Teilserie
  • [between 1942 and 1946]

This subseries contains a selection of photographs from albums created by Edna (Hunsperger) Bowman after her service with Mennonite Central Committee in England (1942-1946) in various evacuation homes.

Bowman, Edna (Hunsperger)

MCC Summer Service in Canada subseries

This sub-series includes the records of the MCC Voluntary Service Summer Service Program in Canada from 1957 – 1969. It includes records of Summer Service projects at sanatoriums, camps, and hospitals, many of which took place in northern communities. Records of the Department of Northern Affairs also appear in this sub-series.

MCC Voluntary Service Programs

John G. Barkman 1858-1937 descendants

John G Barkman was the son of Jakob Barkman 1824-1875. Mrs. Barkman was born Margaretha Friesen 1858
Gen 1: John G. Barkman and wife Margaretha Friesen, 1858 (2 copies )

Gen 2: JaKob F. Barkman 1883, married to Margaretha Dueck. Their children, Elma, Waldon, Vernon, Herbert, Leonard, Roland, Gladwin.. On the photo are a group of Steinbach young men with Jakob Barkman:
Back row: Peter B. Reimer, John E. Barkman, John R. Toews, Jakob J. Barkman.
Middle row: Jac. G. Friesen, C. T. Loewen, Died Giesbrecht, k. B. Reimer
Front row: seated with umbrella, Berend Reimer, Seb Rieger, Jac. F. Giesbrecht and Abram Schellenberg.

Gen. 3: Leonard Barkman b. 12 Jul 1920 married to Agnes Paetkau. Children: Elaine, Audrey, Wayne and Beverley.

Gen 4: Wayne Barkman son of Leonard and Agnes.

Neg: Gen 1: # 184; Gen 1: #185 Gen 2: #109

Peter K Barkman 1826-1917 descendants

This sub-series show photographs of one branch of the Peter K. Barkman family, beginning with Peter K. Barkman as Generation 1. Peter K. Barkman (1826) was from Morgenau, Russia

Gen 1: Peter K. Barkman, son of Jacob Barkman 1794. First wife Anna Toews 1827, 2nd wife Elizabeth Warkentin 1837

Gen. 2: - Jacob T. Barkman b. 14 Nov 1868 d. 11 Jul 1935 and wife Aganetha Giesbrecht

Gen 3: Peter Barkman b. 3 Aug 1876, and wife Katharina Koop, b. 14 Jul 1889, d. 2 Dec. 1955

Gen 3 & 4 :Peter Barkman 1876 and Katharina Koop 1889
On photo: back row: Jacob Friesen and wife Mary Barkman,, Peter Dueck and wife Aganetha Barkman , John Barkman and wife, Helen Barkman and husb. John K. Wiebe, Susie Barkman and husb. Peter Goerzen, Sar Barkman and Mike Demiks? and a little girl
Front row: Mrs. Peter Barkman (Katharina Koop), little boy- Erwin Dueck, son of Peter and Aganetha Dueck, Peter Barkman

Gen 5 Helen Barkman b. 30 Sept 1904 and husb. John Wiebe b. 15 Dec. 1905. Family:
back row: Leonard and wife m Jessie Hiebert, Les Dueck and Olga Wiebe, Pete Wiebe and wife Bernie Varries, Bill Hiebert and wife Annie Wieb, Henry Heckert and wife Tiina Wiebe
Front row: melvin, Milton, Mrs. John Wiebe, ( Helen Barkman) John Wieb, Ronnie, Richard (linda missing)

Gen 6: Grandchildren of John and Helen Wiebe:
Back row: Randy Dueck, Brian Dueck, David Hiebert
Middle row: Willie Hiebert, Diane Wiebe, Gloria Dueck, Baby Johnny Dueck, Cheryl Heckert, Kennie Wiebe

Neg: Gen 2: #108

Peter K Barkman, 1826-1917 descendants

This series of photos shows another branck of the Peter K. Barkman (1826) family. For Gen 1: (see B-39-a) Peter K. Bakman 1826-1917
Gen 2: Johann T. Barkman b. 28 Apr 1862 d. 18 Nov 1900
Gen 3: Anna Barkman, b 25 Sep 1887 d. 24 Oct 1971 and husband Jacob D. Barkman, son of Martin Barkman. He was a machinist and smith in Steinbach.
Gen. 4: Walter Barkman, welll known photographer at "Walt's Studio."

Johann Braun,1864 descendants

This series contains photos of 4 Generations of the Johann Braun 1864-1943 family.
Johann was the son of Johann Braun and Maria Fast.
Gen 1: Standing: Johann Braun 1864; seated: Mrs. Braun's sister Elizabeth Hoeppner, Mrs. Anna Braun nee Hoeppner 1863, on lap daughter, Anna 1887-1963.
Gen.2: A group of friends, taken in Morden 1919.
Back standing:: Jac. Sawatzky, John Brawn, 1893-1942 son of Johann Braun
Front: Peter Brown, 1901, Peter Friesen, Anthony Hoeppner (cousin to Peter Brown)
Gen 3: Children of Peter J. Brown and ? Doerksen: Eileen, (Mrs. Dan Drinkwalter) Dorothy, (Mrs. Neil Penner) Lavina, , Lucy (m. John Neufeld), Menno Alan, quadraplegic
Gen. 4 Neil Penner family: Neil Penner, Lorraine, Douglas, Sharon (Mrs. Franklin Janzen and Dorothy (nee Brown) Penner

Neg: Gen 1: #170; Gen 2: #169; Gen 3: #168; Gen 4: 171

Johann 1836 and Anna Braun descendants

5 Generations of the Johann Braun 1836- 1911 family. Mrs. Braun was Anna Janzen 1841-1890.

Gen 1: Johann Braun 1836 and wife Anna Janzen 1841. They had 10 children

Gen 2 Johann Braun b. 1867 and wife Aganetha Wiens

Gen 3: Wilhlem J. Braun (1894-1963). Mrs. Braun nee Sara Giesbrecht (1896-1941) had already passed away in a car accident.
Back row: Carl Braun (professor at U of M), Ernie Braun, Ed Braun, Elsie Braun, Bill Braun, Ted Braun.
Front row: Dora Braun (m Abe Friesen), twins Adeline and Norma, Leo, Albert, Miriam.

Gen 4: Dr. Carl Braun, U of M 4 children

Gen 5: John Braun, school picture

Neg: Gen. 1: #118; Gen. 2: #52; Gen 3: #61; Gen 4: #100 Gen 5: # 91

Jacob Braun 1834 descendants

This series features photo from four generations of the Jacob Braun 1834-1903 family. Mrs. Braun was nee Maria Fast 1834-1914.
Gen 1: Jacob, 1834 and Maria ( Fast) 1834 and daughter Anna.
Gen 2: Gerhard Braun, 1857 and wife Anna Janzen, 1857.
Gen 3: George G. Brown, 1883, his wife, Elizabeth E. Dyck, 1885, and son Wilfred, 1913.
Gen 4: Wilfred Brown, 1913, wife Anna Bettoff, children: Leslie 1949, Russell and wife Ivty Hardy 1941, Dorothy, and husband, Douglas Wiebe, and grandchildren.
2 houses: of Gerhard Brown: log house, 1895 home.

Neg. Gen 1: #19; Gen 2: #166; Gen 3: #17; Gen 4: #164

Johann Broesky, 1939 descendants

This series of photos features five generations of Johann Broesky (1839) family. Johan was born in Prussia. His second wife was Anna Friesen, daughter of Cornelius Friesen (1810)
Gen 1: Mrs. Johann Broesky (nee Anna Friesen) b. 7 Feb 1848, second wife of Johann Broesky.
Gen 2: Abram F. Broesky (1885) and wife Maria W. Dueck b. 27 April 1894. They had 17 children.
Gen 3: Anna Broesky and husband Wilhelm Toews, and son Raymond Toews.
Gen 4: Tina (Toews) Shrogran and baby Garry (6 months old)
Gen 5: Garry and Gordon Shrogren

Neg. Gen 2: #12; Gen 4: #165; Gen 5: #167

Andreas Blatz, 1861 and Barbara Stoesz descendants

5 Generations of Andreas Blatz family. Andreas Blatz born 1861, died 16 Oct 1934. He was the son of Daniel Blatz and Helena Penner.. Daniel was born 27 Dec 1817, died 27 Feb 1875 lived in the Berghtaler Colony Russia. His first marriage was to Helena Penner born 4 Feb 1825, . 2nd marriage to widow Mrs. Jakob Giesbrecht, (nee Helena Rempel) b. 19 Sep 1828. Andreas was born in Friedrichstal, Russia, farmed on the same farm near Steinbach, all his life. His wife Barbara Stoesz was born in Schoental, Bergthal, Col., Russia . Her parents were Cornelius Stoesz and Aganetha Wiebe.

Gen 1: Andreas Blatz 1861 and wife Barbara Stoesz

Gen 2: Cornelius Blatz, b. 2 Jan, 1903 and Agatha Toews b. Jan 1, 1906

Gen 3: Back row: Fred Shalla, Pete Blatz, Dietrich Blatz, Andreas Blatz, Gerhard Funk
2nd row: Barbara Blatz (Mrs. Fred Schalla), John Blatz, Jake Blatz, Mary Blatz and Helen Blatz (Mrs. Gerhard Funk)
Front row: Mrs. Cornelius Blatz (nee Agatha Toews) (mother), Cornie Blatz, Tina Blatz, Danny Blatz, Cornelius Blatz (father)

Gen 4: Fred Schalla Family: Gary Schalla, Eddie Schalla, father - Fred Schalla, Shirley Schalla, (Mrs. Dave Funk,) Dave Funk with daughter Shawna

Gen 5: Shawna and Natasha Funk

Neg: Gen 2: # 75; Gen 3: #176; Gen 4: #47 Gen 5: #119

Peter Dyck 1861 and Anna Peters 1863 descendants

This series shows three generations o thef Peter Dyck family. Peter Dyck (1861-1942) died in Winkler, Manitoba. First marriage was on 1 Jan 1882 to Anna Peters . They had 13 children. Peter Dyck's 2nd marriage was on 22 Dec 1907 to widow of Abram Kroeker (nee Helena Wiens).
Gen 1: Peter Dyck, 1861-1942 and Anna Peters 1863-1907
Gen 2: Anna Dyck, 1882 and husb. G.G. Kornelsen, 1878-1950
Gen 3: Mary Kornelsen, Bill Kornelsen, Ernest Kornelsen.
Neg. Gen 1: #21; Gen 2: #27; Gen 3: # 53

Abram Dueck 1859 and Anna Wiebe descendants

This series features the family of Abram Dueck (1859. Abram Dueck was the son of David Dueck, who died in the Bergthaler Colony in 1869 and had 9 children. Four generations of Abram Dueck are shown.
Gen 1: Abram Dueck, 1859, wife Anna Wiebe, 1862 and youngest son Jacob Dueck
Gen 2: Abram W. Dueck b. 17 Dec 1884, d. 29 Nov 1967 and wife Anna Dueck, b. 23 Apr 1881, d. 26 Apr 1971
Gen 3: Abram D. Dueck, 1915 , wife Agatha Broesky, 1919, children Abram Dueck, b. 11 Dec 1940 d. 1942 and Anna Dueck, b.14 Dec 1939
Gen 4: Peter Dueck,b. 17 Dec. 1949 and wife Linda Pries and son Allan Bradley born 11 Jan 1974
Neg. Gen 2: # 163; Gen 3: # 162

Abram Dueck, 1834 and Justina Dueck 1845 descendants

This series shows 5 Generations of Abram Dueck 1834 and Justina Dueck 1845. family.
Abram was the son of Cornelius Dueck who died in 1872. His mother died in 1870.
Gen 1: Abram Dueck, 1834 and wife Justina Dueck, 1845 from Bergthal colony.
Gen 2: Peter Dueck, 1878 and wife Anna Schroeder 1882, plus son Gerhard Dueck b. 1913., taken in 1920s
Gen 3: Gerhard Dueck b. 1913 and wife Anna Braun b. 1905
Gen 4: Back row: Peter Dueck, 1942, Margaret Dueck, 1940 and husband Henry Toews b. 1938
Front row: Mr and Mrs. Gerhard Dueck, and son Abraham b. 1950
Gen 5: Children and Grandchildren of Gerhard Dueck 1913
Back row: Peter Dueck b. 1942 and wife Helen Wiebe b. 1946, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Toews, Mr and Mrs. Abraham Dueck
Front row: Grandchildren, with grandparents: , Werner, 1962, Willy 1965, Margaret, Arthur, 1966, Walter 1968
Neg: Gen 1: #37; Gen 2: #10; Gen 3: # 103; Gen. 4: #9; Gen 5; #31

Peter Epp, 1841 and Maria Derksen 1843 descendants

This series features descendants of Cornelius Epp and Maria (Abram) Epp, the parents of Peter Epp (1841-1915) and Agatha (Epp) Winters (1845-1875). Peter was born in 1841 in Russia and died in Altona, Manitoba.
Gen 1 : Portrait of Peter Epp, 1841-1915, polka dot shirt, hand on side of face., 2 copies
Gen 2 : Agatha Epp (sister to Peter) and husband Peter Winter. Their children: Peter Winter 1869 and Cornelius Winter 1871. Peter Winter's wife was Annie Friesen (1875-1927) and Cornelius Winter's wife was Maria Friesen (1878). 7 copies
Gen 3: Portrait of Peter Winter 1903
Gen 3: Snap of Peter Winter and wife Mary Reimer
Gen 4: Portrait of Naomi and Iris Winter, daughters of Jacob Winter (1905-1965) (brother to Peter 1903)
Gen 5: Portrait of Garry Winter, Randy Winter and Mona Winter (children of Gordon Winter & grandchildren of Peter and Mary Winter)

Cornelius Enns 1866 and Maria Sawatzky 1867 descendants

This series features four generations of Cornelius and Maria Enns family .
Gen 1: Cornelius Enns, b. 22 Oct 1866, d/ 6 Sep 1947, wife Maria Sawztzky b. 6 Feb 1867, d. 4 Sep 1947 and granddaughter Margaret Wiebe. Cornelius Enns' parents were Abraham Enns 1843 and Anna Peters 1842.. Abraham Enns' parents were Peter Enss and Catharina Wiens.
Gen 2: Helena Enns b. 28 Apr 1900 and husband Jacob D. N. Wiebe d. 1966
Gen 3: Menno Friesen, wife Margaret Wiebe b. 3 Oct 1939 with baby Ronald Wayne
Gen 4. Ronald Wayne Friesen
Neg: Gen 1: #44; Gen 2: # 79; Gen 3: ##43; Gen 4: #45;

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