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Centre for Mennonite Brethren Studies, Winnipeg India
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Helen Warkentin

This is a photo of Helen Warkentin standing with some people of India. She is wearing a dress with a special shawl. She is leaving to go on furlough.


Group of Indians

This is a photo of a group of Indian people standing outside in front of a tree. There are little children standing in the front of older boys. A mother holds her young child. They are dressed in period Indian dress

Warkentin, Helen L., 1887-1975

Rev. M.B. John

This is a photo of Rev. M.B. John from India, put on a prayer card by the Conference of the Mennonite Brethren Church of India. He is standing outside in a garden, holding a Bible . He is wearing a summer suit.

MB Church Conference

M.B. David (tailor)

This is a photo of a tailor shop with a man using a pedal sewing machine, sewing a garment. A woman and a small child are seated on the floor. The woman is sewing on a garment.

Warkentin, Helen L., 1887-1975

Bible school

This photo is of adults and children, men and women from a Bible School in India posing for a photo. Some are standing and some are seated on the ground. There are trees in the background and a building in the middle of the photo. Many of the peo...

Warkentin, Helen L., 1887-1975

Indian standing in creek

This photo is of an Indian person standing in a small stream of water. It appears they are wearing some sort of costume with a large headdress. Other people are in the background.

Warkentin, Helen L., 1887-1975


This photo is of a building with a tin roof that is used as a tannery. Adults and children are walking about. A stone fence is in front of the tannery building. There is a small building with a thatched roof on the left side of the photo.

Warkentin, Helen L., 1887-1975

Group of Indians

This photo is of people standing in a field, most wearing white clothing. There is a tall skinny pole in the foreground. Trees are on the right of the photo and a building (tent) on the left.

Warkentin, Helen L., 1887-1975


This photo is of 3 goats eating grass in a field. Trees are in the background. Two buildings are beyond the trees.

Warkentin, Helen L., 1887-1975

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