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North Dakota Horch, Benjamin, 1907-1992
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Eszlinger Reunion Esslinger - family pictures

This is a photo of the Horch Clan. There are six people seated in front and a group of people standing behind. There is a stage with a pulpit behind them. Ben Horch is standing furthest to the right by a flower arrangement and Esther Horch is seat...

Ben and Esther Horch at Reunion

This is a photo of Ben and Esther Horch, both with red corsages, talking to a third man with a camera in a blue, red and white striped polo shirt. There is a corner of a white church visible to the left and a white car in the background. See volum...

Eszlinger Reunion Esslinger

This is a photo of Ben Horch standing next to the flower arrangement at the Grandparents Essligner Memorial Service. Ben is wearing all white. The flowers and pulpit are sitting on a stage which has wooden cupboards in front. See volume 1231, bind...

Esslinger-Eszlinger Family Reunion

This is a photo of a group of people coming out of a white church. Above the church door is written "1929 Ev. Luth. Zion's Kirche." Ben Horch is standing second from left in the grass. See volume 1231, binder 17, pg 66.

Esslinger-Eszlinger Family Reunion

This is a photo of three people standing outside in front of a grey car. There are two men and one women. Ben Horch is standing to the left about to take a picture, the middle man is holding a camera by the strap and the women has large dark sungl...

Esslinger-Eszlinger Family Reunion

This is a photo of fifteen people standing outside a white church. There are four people crouched down in front, two of them children. Ben Horch is fourth from left in a off-white hat and Esther Horch is seventh from left in a black shirt with whi...