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John Sawatzky, Youth worker at Vineland United

  • CA MAO 1985-1 400
  • Einzelstück

John Sawatzky, Youth worker at Vineland United Mennonite Church in 1984; assistant to minister in 1985

Napoleon Photo Studio (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Canadian Mennonite Bible College Photograph Collection

  • CA MHC 490
  • Sammlung
  • 1972-1974, 1983-1984

The first 49 photos (no. 1-49) consist of student activities from 1972-1974 such as sports, music, studying, student / faculty retreats and special lectures. The remaining 127 photos (no. 50-176) consist of various events and activities from the...


Faith & Life Communications

  • CA MHSS UNK 102
  • Einzelstück
  • ca.1990

Victor Sawatzky, Alice Pound, Leonore Peters, Betty Wiebe and Reg Sawatzky with sound recording equipment


Mennonite Brethren Preachers & Deacons Conference

  • CA MHSS UNK 119-LG
  • Part
  • June 1947

Mennonite Brethren Preachers and Deacons conference. Right hand portion of photo missing - see UNK 118-LG

Matthews Studio (Winnipeg, MB)

front of Aberdeen Church

  • CA EMC P-03088
  • Einzelstück
  • 198, March 7

All Boards Meeting

Terry M. Smith

MBBC Photograph Collection

  • CA CMBS NP026
  • Sammlung
  • 1945-1992

Images of the people and programs associated with the life of the community at the Mennonite Brethren Bible College, 1945-1992.


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