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Retirement home "Abendfrieden" in Germany

This is a photo of a retirement home called "Abendfrieden" in Rellingen, Pinneberg, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. It is a small two-storey building. There is a balcony on the second floor over the front entrance. The house is surrounded b...



Most likely a view of Halbstadt showing the Willms mill in the distance.


Thiessen family, victims of bandits

This is a photo of one woman and four men in open coffins placed outside on the ground. They were murdered in their home, near the station of Sojiewsky Sawood Ekaterinoslov Gouvern in January, 1918. (Left to right): Annie Thiessen, eighteen years ...


Marien Deaf and Dumb School, Tiege - Teacher and pupils

This is a photo of teachers and pupils of the Marien Deaf and Dumb School, Tiege. They are posing against a brick building and fence. There are vines growing along the fence and over-hanging the door. The teachers have been identified as Andrey Su...


Marien Deaf and Dumb School, Tiege - Staff

This is a photo of a group of people standing on the steps of a long building and a team of horses with buggy and coachman. The coachman, Johann Riediger, is about to take the "housefather", Jacob F. Funk, on some business trip. Behind F...


Ohrloff Central School - school life

This is a photo of a sketch by Heinrich Janzen of a teacher standing on the left with pupils occupied with various tasks at their desks.

Janzen, Heinrich, 1869-1940

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