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George Janzen

George Janzen (pastor of the Cedar Valley Mennonite Church from 1880-1990) at the pulpit. There is a large screen on the right of the photo which might suggest that he was presenting a slide show. Location is not known.


Jacob and Maria Harms

Jacob and Maria Harms posing for a photo - the setting is unknown. There are framed pictures of military personnel in the background, as well as a picture of a cross, with a pulpit in front of the picture with a bible on it.The congregation in Ol...


Banner for 50th anniversary

Banner on the wall with words B.C. Women in Mission ornamented by five (dogwood?) white flowers and the bible verse My strength is made perfect in weakness! 1. Cor. 12.9.


Eight singers

A group of eight ladies from Eden Mennonite Church singing. From left to right: Lora (Stobbe) Dijk, unknown, unknown, Helga (Olfert) Stobbe, Margaret (Letkemann) Loewen - the remaining are unknown.


Sylang Kaneboodtra and Dietrich Rempel

Diedrich Rempel as moderator of the Conference of Mennonites in British Columbia welcoming the Lao Christian Church into the membership of the Conference. Pastor Sylang Kaneboodtra is at the microphone with Peter Kehler behind him and Diedrich Re...


Nick, Betty Dyck and family

A family portrait. (Left to right): Carolyne, Betty, (Carolyne's twin) Robert, Nick and Lorraine are pictured in a rather formal setting. Nick was pastor of McConnel Creek Church.


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