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Len Bechtel photograph collection
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Road to Emory Creek camp

Caption on back reads: "On the highway in front of the camp, facing Yale, bridge over Emory Creek in distance." Roadside sign to the left reads "Emory Lodge."

Felling a tree

Caption on back reads: "Andy and Jake Peters pulling in the undercut." Jacob Peters is from Kitchener, Ontario. "Andy" is possibly Andrew Bowman (Bridgeport, Ontario). See also Hist.Mss.22.1_1-7,8 and 27.

A portable saw

Alternative Service workers designing and testing a portable saw near Vancouver. The saw would be used to cut wood for the winter due to a fuel shortage. See Hist.Mss.22.1_1-15 to 19.

Entrance to Emory Creek camp

Caption on back reads: "Entrance to camp, boys coming up the steps, with packs on their back [making] their way up the mountain trail. Left to right: Martin Wiens, Eddy Dick [Edgar Dyck], Jake [Jacob] Peters, Jack [John] Boldt, Dan Klassen, A...

Len Bechtel photograph collection

  • CA MAO Hist.Mss.22.1_1
  • Akt
  • 1942-1944

Consists of photographs taken or collected by Bechtel during his time in Alternative Service.

Bechtel, Len

The tree is falling

Caption on back reads: "When the tree is falling. Pictures are all the same tree. Boys took their camera out one day and all took a turn at the same tree to have their pictures taken. Always have the same saw partner." Photo is of six Al...

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