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Peter Klassen Homeland for Strangers Photograph Collection
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Elbing Mennonite church

This is a photo of the first Mennonite church building (in 1590) in the Vistula-Nogat Delta in the city of Elbing. The present structure was built in 1900 and served the local congregation until 1945. Today it serves a Polish Catholic parish. The ...


Former Mennonite church

This is a photo of a former Mennonite church in Matawy (Montau) which is now used by the local Catholic parish. The church has large double doors and a tall tower on the top and made with red brick. It also has a clock on it and the year 1898 (lik...


Toews family estate

This is a photo of the estate home belonging to a Toews family in Neumuensterbergersfeld. A fire-protection wall can be seen between the house and barn. The property consisted of 123.5 acres (50 hectars). In the photo, there are 6 people standing ...


The church at Rozgart

This is a photo of a former Mennonite church in Rozgart (once Preussisch Rosengart) on the lowlands near Elblag (Elbing). This building is made of red brick and two crosses are in the front right. The date 1890 appears above the door, and there is...


Field work

This is a photo of one man riding one of two horses and two men operating ploughs being pulled by the horses. There is a small house in the background and trees that border the field. This field is in the vicinity of Reimersdorf.


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