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International guests at the 1960 General Conference of MB Churches convention

  • US MLA A100-0024
  • Einzelstück
  • 1960-11-12 - 1960-11-16

International guests at 1960 Mennonite Brethren General Conference. Left to right: Frank C. Peters (North America), Alfred Schaffland (Europe), Hans Wiens (South America), Paul Nganga (Africa), Wolfgang Rueschhoff (Europe), Heinrich Friesen and Al...


Otto Jost with MCC West Coast Raisin Drive Truck

  • US MLA P-0131
  • Einzelstück
  • 1967

Otto Jost standing next to a 1967 Ford truck loaded with raisins from the Mennonite Central Committee West Coast Raisin drive, April-May, 1967, Reedley, California.


Albert Linscheid making soap

  • US MLA P-0147
  • Einzelstück
  • 1970

Albert Linscheid making soap at the Reedley (Calif.) Mennonite Central Committee headquarters, 1970.


Wagon hauling wheat in Reedley, California

  • US MLA S-0066
  • Einzelstück
  • [19--]

Four wagons loaded with wheat pulled by a team of nine horses on street in Reedley, California. The Eymann Hardware Store is visible in the background.

Besaw, George A., 1880-1970