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Unknown Abbotsford (British Columbia)
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Summer student workers

Summer service students posing outdoors. Front row (left to right): Benno Warkentin, Susan Kadwell, Sophie (Tiessen) Eigbike, Edith Teichgraef, Sue (Tiessen) Nickel, Rhoda Penner. Second row (left to right): Friedbert Wall, Eleonore Reimer, Dori...


David Giesbrecht praying

David Giesbrecht is praying for Paul Couillard, an aids patient. Left to right : Sally (Schroeder) Isaac, unknown, Ruth (Thiessen) Thiessen, Paul Couilard, David Giesbrecht.


Aids memorial quilt

The aids memorial quilt was made by Ruth Thiessen with the help of a Mennonite Central Committee quilter in memory of a member of West Clearbrook Community Church who died of Aids. Each quilt section is made up of 9 panels and was shipped to the ...


Doing dishes

Rita Enns, president Roy Just and Lori (Seibel) Bahnman scraping and rinsing dishes.



A parking lot view of the new administration building and library, old administration building, Redekop hall, Centennial hall and dining room. There are many cars parked in the parking lot.


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