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Sara-Elisabeth and Nikolai Dosso

This is a photo of Sara-Elisabeth (Toews) Dosso and Nikolai Dosso. Sara-Elisabeth is wearing a dark skirt with a white lace blouse, pendant necklace and a bow in her hair. The blouse and pendant look the same as in photo 724-002. Nikolai is weari...


U. S. Ministries

This is a photo of three men standing outside by a log house. They are (left to right); Karoniaktajeh (Louis Hall), Richard Zehr, Conservative Conference bishop and Kakwirakeron. Residents are becoming self-sustaining at Ganienkeh, where Mohawk In...



This is a photo of Betty McGee playing a game with neighbourhood children in Lithabaneng, Lesotho. There are buildings in the Background. One of the buildings is round with a thatch roof.


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