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This is a photo of (left to right): Peter Andres, Mennonite Central Committee country representative in Jamaica; a Catholic sister from the United Kingdom;Sister Anderson, a staff nurse at Eventide; a Kingston town clerk; Father Richard HuLong and...



This is a photo of the Zentralschule, Neu-Schonsee, Sagradovka. The postcard was sent to Miss Maria Harms (see inscription of the back).


Group photo

This is a photo of 7 adults and 4 children posing in front of large wooden doors. The man in the back row wearing a dark suit is Heinrich Klassen, formerly of Alma-Ata or Frunze.


Russian delegation visit

This is a photo of a Russian delegation that visited the museum in Steinbach. The members are posing in front of the Jacob Hoeppner Memorial that was brought to Steinbach from the USSR in 1973.


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