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This is a photo of Henry Schellenberg and Paul Geib of the MDS Summer Youth Squad working on a construction site in Forkland, Ala.



This is a photo of participants in the MCC Visitor Exchange Program gathered at Hesston, Kan. for their mid-year conference. They are (left to right): Hannelore Penner, Anna Penner, ?, Elsbeth Boesch, Ulrike Maekelborger and Laura Loewen, guest, o...


U. S. S. R.

This is a photo of Peter Peters, a Mennonite in the U. S. S. R., who was released from prison recently, only to discover that his father and brother had been arrested three weeks earlier.



This is a photo of Betty McGee playing a game with neighbourhood children in Lithabaneng, Lesotho. There are buildings in the Background. One of the buildings is round with a thatch roof.


Orientation for longer-term MDS

This is a photo of longer-term MDS volunteers who participated in an orientation. Front row (left to right): Ruth Ann Franz, Henderson, Neb., one year; Gordon Heinrichs and Gertrude Heinrichs, Rosthern, SK., six months; Vera Weber, Guernsey, SK.,...


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