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MCC Great Lakes

This is a photo of members of MCC Great Lakes. First row (left to right): Jay MacDermond, Steve Shrock, Carl Lehman (treasurer), Cecelia Wyse, Evelyn Kreider, Galen Johns (chairman), Dan Beachy and Leon Farmwald. Second row (left to right): Amos J...

Toews, Reg

Somali refugee children

This is a photo of Somali refugee children sitting outside the grass hut of their settlement. The refugees construct these dwellings in the same manner they did in their former nomadic lifestyles.

Crossman, Peter


This is a photo of Lois Kreider sitting at a table with a slide projector. She is showing the world's cultural differences to students from around Sugarcreek, Ohio, at Educational Days that were part of an annual SELFHELP craft festival.



This is a photo of (left to right): Ray Brubacher, MCC Africa secretary; Dimuka Ana, wife of Mbonza Kikunga, Zaire Mennonite Church President and Nancy Heisey, MCC Africa secretary.

King, Jim

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