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Greendale Church Congregation

  • CA MHSS 829-2-LG
  • Part
  • ca.1950

Right half of Greendale Church congregation photo. See item 829-1


Cast members of "This Land is Ours"

  • CA MAO 2015-1.650
  • Einzelstück
  • 1973

Two adults and five children, probably portraying a family in the Amish Mennonite historical drama "This Land is Ours," pose backstage. The location is probably Stratford, Ontario but may also be South Bend, Indiana. The play was perform...


Shirley Bergen Photograph Collection

  • CA CMBS NP132-01
  • Sammlung
  • 1925-1950

This is a family photo collection relating to Shirley (Penner) Bergen's mother (Ida Hiebert GRANDMA ID: 423753 ) and father (Isaac Penner GRANDMA ID: 23457).


Der Bote 1995 Photograph collection

  • CA MHC 496
  • Sammlung
  • 1995

These photos were used in the German language paper, Der Bote, in 1995. They are arranged chronologically by the publication date, volume and issue number, and stored in 48 separate brown envelopes.


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