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Weding photo

This is a photo of an unidentified bridal couple. The groom is standing behind a low decorative wall. He is wearing dark trousers, long dark jacket, white shirt with standing collar, dark tie and a boutonniere with a ribbon. The bride is sitting o...


Petitcodiac Mennonite Church sign

Sign outside Petitcodiac Mennonite Church. Captions on back of photo read: "Taken Oct. 15/95--the Sunday morning of our dedication service. Notice how the liquor sign has been changed--painted by a couple of teenagers from Peuva [?]. Notice h...


West Bank

This is a photo of (left to right): MCCer Jan Siemens, Teacher Majida Ibrahim Khamis and students sitting at a table in a classroom at a West Bank kindergarten assisted by MCC.


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