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Weding photo

This is a photo of an unidentified bridal couple. The groom is standing behind a low decorative wall. He is wearing dark trousers, long dark jacket, white shirt with standing collar, dark tie and a boutonniere with a ribbon. The bride is sitting o...


Student teachers in Laos

This is a photo of student teachers from Xieng Khouang Junior High Teachers' Training School gathered at a picnic-style table outside a thatch-roofed building. They are preparing to practice their teaching skills at a local junior high school.

Peachey, Titus

Zairian children looking at ducks

This is a photo of the duck display set up for Zairean housewives by MCC agriculturists Mike Score and Mary Score. School children are gathered around the mesh fence which encloses the display of ducks. The women are standing in a line in the back...

Score, Mike

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