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Lorraine Roth photographs of Mennonite properties in Waterloo Region and Oxford County

  • CA MAO Hist.Mss.1-117-6
  • Serie
  • 1980, 1997-2006

This series, part of the Lorraine Roth fonds in the Mennonite Archives of Ontario (Hist.Mss.1.117), contains photographs taken or collected by Lorraine Roth. Predominantly, they are photographs of properties in the rural areas of Waterloo Region a...

Roth, Lorraine


  • CA EMC D1900
  • Serie


  • CA EMC D1950
  • Serie


  • CA EMC D1990
  • Serie

Sarah Dyck photograph collection

  • CA MAO Hist.Mss.1.312.1
  • Serie
  • [between 1915 and 1960]

Family photographs collected by Sarah Dyck of life in Russia and Canada.The family immigrated to Canada in 1924.

Dyck, Sarah (Dick)

Petitcodiac Mennonite Church

  • CA MAO V-17/4
  • Serie
  • 1995-1996

This series includes photographs of people and events associated with Petitcodiac Mennonite Church.


MCC Voluntary Service in Canada Series

  • CA MCC s00015
  • Serie
  • 1957 - 2007

This series contains records created by the MCC Voluntary Service Program under responsibility of MCC Canada (1965-1975) and the MCC Canada Voluntary Service Program (1975-2007).The records within the series include the records of MCC voluntary se...

MCC Voluntary Service Programs

MCC Canada Executive Office Series

  • CA MCC s00016
  • Serie
  • 1964 - 2007

This extensive series contains records created or collected by MCC Canada’s Executive Office, dating from 1964 to 2007.Most of the records were created for administrative purposes and reflect the Executive Office’s activities in overseeing the var...

MCC Canada Executive Office


  • CA EMC D1890
  • Serie


  • CA EMC D1940
  • Serie


  • CA EMC D1980
  • Serie

The Canadian Mennonite photograph collection

  • CA MAO XV-19.3
  • Serie
  • 1953 - 1971

The series consists of photograph prints and negatives received by "The Canadian Mennonite" from various sources for use in its publication. Photographs were taken by staff, or sent in by individuals or families. Some photographs were re...

Canadian Mennonite Publishing Association, Inc.

Lucy Braun photographs

  • CA MAO Hist.Mss.1.293.8
  • Serie
  • 1900, [between 1949 and 1969]

This series consists predominantly of photographs of women and men immigrating to Canada from the Soviet Union, along with their relatives who had previously arrived in Canada. The photographs were taken at reunion events. One photograph of pupils...

Braun, Lucy

James Reusser photograph collection

  • CA MAO HM1-64-1
  • Serie
  • [between 1960 and 1970]

The collection consists of colour slides taken by James Reusser in the 1960s. The photographs are of family homes and haunts (particularly of James' wife Helen (Snyder) who grew up in the area), other locations related to Mennonite history in...

Reusser, James

MCC Canada Women’s Concerns Program Series

  • CA MCC s00010
  • Serie
  • 1982 - 2007

This series contains records created or collected by MCC Canada’s Women’s Concerns program, dating from 1982 to 2007.The records within the series include Committee on Women’s Concerns minutes (both Canada and Binational), task force records (Dome...

MCC Canada Women’s Concerns Program

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