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MB Herald Photograph Collection
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MB Herald Photograph Collection

  • CA CMBS NP149
  • Sammlung
  • 1880-2002

The MB Herald photograph collection is the single largest photo collection at the CMBS, consisting of over 10,000 images selected for archival storage.


Men's Group at Victor Adrian's retirement

This photo is of a men's group singing at Victor Adrian's retirement service. The music group consists of the following: (L-R) Jake Thielman, Ike Bergen, Harold Ens, Clarence Hiebert, James Pankratz, David A. Dyck, John Wall, and Elmer Martens.


Asia-South Pacific Congress on Evangelism

This photograph is of a group of people at the Asia-South Pacific Congress on Evangelism. From left to right in the photograph are: P.J. Malagar of India, Paul Boschman of Japan, Herman Tan of Indonesia, _____ Becker of Korea, Lydia Tan of Indonesia, Paul Bartel of Hong Kong, and L. Kanagy of Japan.


Ribbon cutting for the pool at Camp Arnes

This photo is of a ribbon cutting ceremony for the Candace Derksen Memorial Pool at Camp Arnes. Featured in the photo is the family of Candace Derksen: her parents Wilma and Cliff, and her siblings Syras and Odia. Odia Derksen is cutting the ribbon.

Henry Dick with Bill Norrie

This photo is of (l-r) Henry Dick, president of the board of Camp Arnes, shaking hands with Winnipeg mayor Bill Norrie. The two men are holding up a document entitled "Proclamation," which pertains to Camp Arnes' fourth cleanathon.

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