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Meeting at MHSBC

Meeting at the Mennonite Historical Archives office. Left to right : Harold Klassen, Esther Born, unknown.



Lydia Regehr sitting in the centre with two young children on either side. at the table.


Diamond anniversary

Diamond anniversary of Peter P and Helena (Wieler) Martens celebration. Twenty nine members of the family were present. Top row (left to right): Magdalena (Martens) Cross , Paul D. Symons, Margaret (Martens) Symons, Alice (Walde) Gray, Peter W. M...


John and Gertrude (Dick) Martens

A photo of John and Gertrude Martens with their family. Standing (left to right) : John R. Martens, Peter Martens, Henry Martens, Frank J. Martens, Susie (Martens) Klassen, Jake E. Martens. Sitting (left to right) : Susie (Wiebe) Martens, Lena (...


Franz Martens

Gerhard Franz Martens and Aganetha (Epp) Martens are standing behind the coffin of their son Franz Martens. The funeral took place in Rueckenau, Russia.


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