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Peace Factory photograph file

  • CA MAO XIV-3.4.3
  • Akt
  • [Between 26 Jan 1997 and 30 Jan 1997]

The "Peace Factory" toured through southwestern Ontario in winter 1997, and included a stop at Rockway Mennonite Collegiate in Kitchener. An interactive exhibit, Peace Factory was a cooperative project of several Mennonite groups. Its goal was to "help all Christians connect their faith in God with a life of peacemaking." It covered approximately 2000 square feet and had several different learning stations for adults and children.

Mennonite Central Committee Ontario

Access Project slides

  • CA MAO XIV-3-21-11-2
  • Akt
  • 1977

The Access Project was a program of community education in cooperation with the Victim-Offender Reconciliation Project (VORP) of Mennonite Central Committee Ontario and the Ontario Ministry of Corrections. The program ran from 1977-1980. In 1977, the Access Project created two educational slide shows, one on "The Law, Crime and the Administration of Justice" and another on "Juvenile Delinquency." Slides were also taken for use in displays and for a television series on "Crime and the Community."
The slides in this file are assumed to have been created for the above purposes. The slides came to the Archives in no particular order, and may have been used for more than one presentation. No scripts for the slideshows have been located.

Mennonite Central Committee Ontario

Ontario Mennonite Immigrants Advisory Committee photographs

  • Akt
  • [198-?]

Photographs relating to the Ontario Mennonite Immigrants Advisory Committee (OMIAC) program of Mennonite Central Committee Ontario, which served the Low-German community in southwestern Ontario.

Bavoni, Jurgen