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Vic & Anne Toews

This is a photo of Victor Toews and his wife Anne Toews seated in a living room. A small Christmas tree with tinsel on it is on the right. In front of Anne is a TV tray with food on it.


Peter & Mary at 75 Hart

This is a photo of Peter Koop standing on the sidewalk by the front steps and Mary Koop (Dyck) coming down the steps. Peter is wearing a suit and Mary is in a coat and hat.


Heidi, Edith &_____ 1945

This is a photo of (left to right): Heidi Koop, Edith Dick (Koop) and an unidentified girl standing outside between blooming dahlias. There is a brick house behind them.


Elma & Heidi

This is a photo of Elma sitting in a deck chair and Heidi Koop sitting on a plaid throw on the grass. Heidi is working on a jigsaw puzzle. There are blooming hollyhocks behind them.


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