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Lawrence Klippenstein Family photograph Collection Unknown
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Henry Klippenstein family

This is a photo of the well-dressed Henry Klippenstein family posing in front of an ornate backdrop. Back row (left to right): Bernard Klippenstein, Henry Klippenstein and Peter Klippenstein. Middle row (left to right): Sara Klippenstein (Friesen)...


Mr. and Mrs. Peter Klippenstein

This is a photo of Maria Klippenstein (Dyck) and Peter Klippenstein on their wedding day. Maria is dressed in a long dark dress with puff sleeves . She is standing beside Peter who is seated on a chair and is wearing a dark, three-piece suit, whit...


Mr. and Mrs. Abram Braun

This is a photo of Sara Braun (Klippenstein) and Abram A. Braun on their wedding day. Sara is wearing a long white dress with a corsage and some flowers in her hair. Abram is in a three-piece dark suit with with shirt, tie and a boutonniere. They ...


Mr. and Mrs. Peter Klassen

This is a photo of Peter Klassen and Maria Klassen (Klippenstein) on their wedding day. Maria is wearing a below calf-length white dress and veil with embroidery at the hem. She is holding a large bouquet of flowers and has a floral wreath on her ...


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