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Choir singing

Choir and conductor, Helmut Janzen, on stage at the Missions conference in the MEI auditorium. The motto is "Stand in the Gap."


Missionaries at the Conference

Missionaries participating in the conference (left to right): Mr. Wiens (speaker from MB Mission Board, Hillsboro), C.D. Toews, unknown, Sarah (Martens) Esau, Abe Esau, unknown, unknown. The banner behind the speakers reads "Other Sheep......



Sod-turning event at the school for the new administration building. Left to right : unknown, Peter C. Loewen, J V Friesen, unknown, Hugo Janz.


Henry and Katie Neufeld

Henry and Katie Neufeld from Atlanta, Georgia are standing speaking to an unidentified student at the right of the photo.


Devotions committee

Devotions committee consisting of five students. Standing (left to right) : John Brown, Reuben Pauls (chairman), Dan Klassen. Seated (left to right) : Hilde (Neitsch) Quadrizius, Mary B. Thiessen.


Faculty members

A group of 8 faculty members, (left to right): Helmut Janzen, Clara Thiessen, John Epp, Abe Klassen, H.H. Janzen, Nick Dyck, H.H. Nikkel


Music committee

Music committee. Standing (left to right): Alden Willms, Betty (Stobbe) O'Malley, Helmut Janzen, Edith (Balzer) Neufeldt, (Chairman), Sitting at the piano (left to right): Helen Gunther, Linda (Suderman) Stobbe.


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