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Rosenthal (Chortitza, Russia)

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Rosenthal (Chortitza, Russia)

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Rosenthal (Chortitza, Russia)

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David Kroeger and wife

This is a photo of David Kroeger and his wife. He was the manufacturer of the Kroeger clocks as well as of motors. [HR 175] (N:346)

Diamond wedding of Abram and Aganeta Dyck

This is a photo of the diamond wedding of Abram and Aganeta Dyck in 1906 in Rosental near Chortitza. Identified in photo in the second row (left to right) are J. Dyck, Mrs. A. Guenther with Sara Guenther on her lap, Mrs. J. Andres, Aganeta and Abram Dyck, Mrs. G. Klassen holding her granddaughter, Lena Wiebe, A. Dyck and H. Dyck. [HR 225]

Dyck family

This is a photo of the Dycks from Rosenthal near Chortitza. (Left to right): Peter Dyck, Katharina Dyck (Klassen), Agatha Dyck, Isaak Dyck, Maria Dyck, Helene Dyck (Rempel), Andres, Helen Pauls (Braun). [HR 222]

Funk windmill

This is copy of a painting of the Funk windmill and house in Rosenthal, Ukraine. The mill was purchased by Johann Jacob Funk,
Katie Funk Wiebe's father’s father, in 1904 for 3,000 rubles. It was destroyed in 1926. This painting of the mill was made by Katie's uncle, John Funk.

Funk, Johann J., 1893-1977

Gerhard and Anganetha (Andres) Pries

This is a photo of Gerhard Pries (1864-1938) and his wife Anganetha, born Andres. Pries was a teacher, farmer, and deacon of the Chortitza-Rosentaler congregation. He was known as a philanthropist. His possessions were taken from him. He lies buried in the cemetery at Rosental, and his wife in Rosthern, Saskatchewan. [HR 172] (N:347)

Gerhard Dyck 1874

Portrait of Gerhard Dyck (1874-1954) taken from family photograph. His wife was Maria Heinrichs (1876-1933). Children: Aganetha, Margaretha, Isaak, Marie, Gerhard, Julius, Peter, Katie, Helena, Heinz, Hilda. They lived in Rosenthal, Russia. He was the son of Elder Isaak (b.1847). This is Generation 4 of Peter Dyck Ancestry display.

Home of Ben Hildebrandt in Rosenthal - approx 1910

This is of 7 people - 2 women, 2 men and 3 children - in front of the abandoned Ben Hildebrandt home in Rosenthal. It shows a rundown painted brick house with attached barn. It has a high wooden gable with a thatched roof in disrepair. The people are leaning against a wood fence. There are bare trees between the people and the building and an unkempt, grassy area in front of them.


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