Ordering Photographs

MAID includes the records for over 100,000 photographs. Scanning of images is not yet complete. If you see a photograph description without an image and you would like to see that image, please contact the archives ("repository") that supplied the description. Our archives will do our best to make your scanning request a priority.

How to place an order

  1. Search for and locate a photograph for which you wish to obtain a copy. Search help page
  2. If the "purchase" button appears to the right of the image, you are able to order a copy online. If not, contact the supplying archive directly.
  3. Before you order, please note that patrons have occasionally experienced difficulties using Internet Explorer to fill in the order form. We recommend the use of either the Chrome or Firefox browsers instead.
  4. Add as many photographs to your cart as you wish. You may order from multiple archives in one order.
  5. When you are ready to place your order, you will be instructed to enter information to complete it. Payment is by credit card through PayPal.
  6. Before the order is complete, you will be asked to agree that your use of this image will be for non-commercial purposes. See more information, below. Ultimately it is the responsibility of you, the user, to determine if you are using photographs lawfully.
  7. Once your order is approved by the supplying archive(s), you will be sent an email with a link to download your photos. Please allow 2-3 business days for a response from the supplying archive(s).

Copyright in photographs held in this database

Photographs in this database were donated to our partner archives in order to be preserved and made accessible to others. Our partners strive to ensure that we are only providing reproduction services for photographs for which we have permission to do so. We do not sell reproductions, but rather perform the service of reproduction for which a cost recovery fee is charged. If you are a copyright owner who believes that we are reproducing your photograph without permission, please contact the archive supplying the photograph.

Conditions of use for all photographs

  1. Ultimately it is the responsibility of you, the user, to determine if you are using photographs lawfully.
  2. All copies of photographs downloaded from this database for any purpose should be attributed to the photographer (if known) and the supplying archive. We encourage even those using the photographs for purely personal reasons (in a personal photo album, for example) to attribute photographs, so that the source of the images can be traced.

Example of attribution:
Credit: David L. Hunsberger/Mennonite Archives of Ontario

Non-commercial purposes (no further permission required)

You do not need to seek further permission if you are using photographs supplied through this database for any one of the following reasons:

o    Research and private study, which includes photographs kept for your own personal records (for example, in a photo album) or used in an education institution in which you are a teacher or student
o    Print publication produced by a charitable organization
o    Publication by a news organization in print or broadcast form
o    Print publication of a genealogy or family history for distribution within the family
o    Periodical publication produced by a historical society or genealogical society
o    Peer-reviewed journal
o    Any print publication of less than 150 copies
o    Upload of a print publication or previous broadcast on the website of the educational institution, charitable organization, news organization or society listed above
o    Audiovisual presentations at one time events, such as conferences, church services and family reunions
o    Exhibit curated by a museum, archives or library

Although it is not required for uses in this category, we invite you to share with us your intended use. If you are producing a published book or genealogy, please consider contributing a copy to the supplying archive.

Commercial purposes or purposes not listed above (explicit permission required from the supplying archive)

You do need to seek further permission from the archive that is supplying the photograph if:

o    Your intended use is not covered in the list above. If unsure, please do not hesitate to contact the supplying archive.
o    Your intended use is a for-profit activity, or an activity which you hope will result in profit. Examples include, but are not limited to: advertising, commercial film, documentary film, commercial website, merchandise, books of more than 150 printed copies

Along with permission, additional cost recovery or licensing fees may apply. These fees are set independently by each supplying archive.

Privacy policy for information collected when ordering photographs

The Mennonite Archival Information Database values our patrons and their private information.  The information you provide to this web site is not sold, bartered or given away to third party organizations for the purpose of contacting you.  On line payments are made via Pal Pal.  To read their privacy statement visit  Pay Pal. We only collect information given voluntarily to us.  Aggregated web site user stats we collect do not include personal identifying information.  Your information is protected in a secure manner, in compliance with Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.  You can contact us to delete your personal information from our system.  We will take reasonable precautions when storing or destroying personal information in electronic or paper format.