Neu-Schoensee (Zagradovka, Russia)



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Neu-Schoensee (Zagradovka, Russia)

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Neu-Schoensee (Zagradovka, Russia)

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Neu-Schoensee (Zagradovka, Russia)

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Four Generations

This is a photo of four generations. (Left to right): Mrs. Isaak; her grand-daughter Susanna Warkentin; on her knees her daughter; next to them Mrs. Loewen, the daughter of Mrs. Isaak and the mother of Mrs. Warkentin. Neu-Schoensee, Sagradowka. [HR 105]

Jakob Janzen residence

This is a photo of the Jakob Janzen family in Neu-Schoensee, Sagradowka. The owner, Jacob Janzen, was shot by bandits in his home in 1920. [HR 100]. Note: The following additional information has been provided by Anne Janzen March 7, 2011. This large "Wirtschaft" was sold in 1925 by his son Peter Janzen, and purchased by our grandfather, Heinrich J. Janzen. It was also confiscated in 1929 (Feb) by the Soviets, and turned into a Collective Farm.

Jakob Wiens family

This is a photo of the Jakob Wiens family of Neu-Schoensee. Sagradowka. Wiens served many years as village mayor. His son Peter served many years as a missionary to India. [HR 105]

Tiege. Bauerhof.

This is a postcard of a typical house-barn in the village of Tiege, Zagradovka (Russia) with tall trees around it and a gate in the front. The handwritten annotation of the back reads "Nicht Tiege, sondern Neu-Schönsee, Sagradowka. Haus von Aeltestern Warkentin" (not in Tiege but rather Neu-Schönsee, home of Aeltester Warkentin).



This is a photo of the Zentralschule, Neu-Schonsee, Sagradovka. The postcard was sent to Miss Maria Harms (see inscription of the back).