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Commemorative stone at Waldheim

This photo is of a stone monument with the Russian and English inscription "It is placed to commemorate the 170th anniversary of the founding of the colony of Waldheim by a group of Mennonites from Volhynia, originally from Prussia, headed by K. Wedel in 1836. Surrounding the monument is a stone pad and trees, walk way, flowers, and fence. [Editors Note: the location is likley Waldheim village in the Molotschna colony (CS)]

Heinrich Wiebe headstone

This photo is of the Heinrich Wiebe headstone locate at the corner of highway 30 and provincial road number 243 near Gretna, Manitoba. Wiebe was a delegate who came to North America in 1873 to scout out land for the Mennonites to settle. He was the brother to Aeltester Gerhard Wiebe and settled in the Edenberg area along the Post Road. The headstone was repaired and a new base with inscription was added. It was then moved to its present location with the 75th anniversary cairn at the former Schellenberg yard which was a part of the village of Neuanlage, Manitoba near Gretna.

Klippenstein, Lawrence, 1930-2022

Monument to German pioneers of Winkler area

This photo is of the monument erected by the Winkler Heritage Society commemorating the German pioneers who settled in the Winkler area before 1914. The large stone monument with a bronze plaque stands under a large tree. The Manitoba, Canadian and Winkler flags are behind it along with a police officer. To the right are people in lawn chairs attending the unveiling ceremony. Cairn designed by Todd Braun.

Plaque on the Neufeld factory in Chortitza

This photo is of 2 granite plaques on a wall between a wooden door and window. The top is in Russian and the bottom in German. "Mennonitische Fabrik. Als Fabrikanten und Müller spielten die Mennoniten eine stastegische Rolle Inder Industrialisierung der Sudukraine. Die I. J. Neufeld Landwirtschaftliche Geratschaftsfabrik wurde an diesem Ort im Jahr 1890 gegrundet und wurde Grosslieferant modernen landwirtschaftlicher Geratschaften im ganzen Zaristischen Russland. Diese Tafel wurde 2004 von sem Dorfsrat, der Neufeld Familie, und dem Mennonitischen Gedachtniskomitee angebracht." The I.J. Neufeld and Company, was located in Waldheim, Molotschna colony, founded by Isaak Johann Neufeld and one of the biggest agricultural manufacturers in Russia.

Pauls, Agnes (authorized)

Ron and Ken Braun at Eigengund cemetery marker

This photo is of Ron Braun [aka Joe Braun] standing on the left side of the marker erected at the Eigengund cemetery west of Altona, Maniotba. On the right side is his bother Ken Braun. The cemetery was over grown and almost forgotten for decades when around 1990 it was cleaned up due to a perons whanting to be burried there. Since then the cemetery has become active. See volume 3269:4 for information brochure.

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