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This is a "miscellaneous" file. Rather than strictly by date, "miscellaneous" files have entries alphabetized by correspondent, then by date for a given correspondent. Also--

NOTE: this annotator’s German is not strong; so the descriptions of German-language materials may be incomplete and not fully accurate.

Sizable file (about 75 items)

{1} Byron S. Lamson to Bender, December 20, 1960 [stationery of General Missionary Board, Free Methodist Church of North America, Winona Lake Indiana, Lamson as Secretary]: commendation for fine seminar with fine people, on December 10.

{2} Bender to Christian Landes and Walter Landes, July 11, 1958 [Christian at Lautenbach, Walter at Willenbach, über Heilbronn Germany; in German]: Hope to visit you soon, landing in Frankfurt July 19, proposing to come by on Sunday the 20th.

{3} THREE entries

Bender and Elizabeth Bender to Walter and Helene Landes, May 4, 1961 [to Willenbach, Württemberg Germany]: great disappointment not only at your being unable to come to Mennonite World Conference but also at not being able to have you to come by us...; mention the risk being so large; [more exchange between family friends].

• • • CONTIGUOUS, Helene and Walter to Bender, July 17, 1962 [from Willenbach; penciled “Landes”; in German: 65th birthday greeting; at Thanksgiving Day we greet you, Elisabeth [sic], and your children, and the grandmother; some sentences on thanks to Jesus our Savior, etc....; news about Otto Funck and Rudolph Schmutz; wishing God’s grace and blessing on all aspects of Mennonite World Conference....

• • • CONTIGUOUS, Helene & Walter to Bender, July 21, 1962 [penciled “Landes”; Helene Landes, Walter Landes]: today had heard that because ill, Harold was behind in his work preparing Mennonite World Conference; a statement of encouragement and sympathy in view of Bender’s illness....

{4} TWO entries

Paul Lantz to Bender, November 30, 1961 [from Goshen Indiana; handwritten note]: appreciation note at time of Bender retirement from active administration...; that “we” would be moving to Millersburg Ohio taking up where John King had been pastor.

• • • CONTIGUOUS, Paul Lantz to Bender, July 25, 1962 [from Millersburg Ohio, handwritten note]: statement of appreciation and sympathy in view of Bender’s illness; hoped to be at Gospel Book Store this Saturday as you autograph your new book.

{5} TWO entries

Bender to John Lapp [John A. Lapp], May 4, 1962: through your sister Mary, Mrs. Willard Swartley [sic--Mary Swartley, Mary Lapp Swartley], teacher at Bethany Christian High School, had learned that you had suggested John Krall might be good as Bethany’s principal; please write, answering certain questions about Krall...; Bethany staff need not wear the plain coat [nonconformity, attire, regulation coat].

• • • REPLY, John A. Lapp to Bender, [no date; stamped as received--appears to be May 19--but “19” is unclear], 1962 [from Harrisonburg Virginia]: replied, partly by explaining why John Krall had not met technical requirements to be a Director of [apparently] Eastern Mennonite High School; that Krall was on its faculty; mention that Jesse Byler had accepted only an interim appointment; mention Krall’s work at Iowa Mennonite School, mention Paul Guengerich.// Lapp asking counsel for himself on a dissertation topic; had turned to missionary history, mentioned India; his professor Holden Furber was receptive; Lapp would visit India, also do much research at Goshen [likely Archives of the Mennonite Church, perhaps also Mennonite Historical Library].

{6} FOUR entries

Leo Laurense to Bender, July 29, 1959 [from Hilversum Bolsward, The Netherlands; typed in good English]: Craandijk [likely Herman Craandijk] had written Bender about committee formed to build a Menno Simons Memorial Church at Witmarsum, to serve the worldwide church and as a local meeting place; some points agreed upon; about a leaflet being produced; questions about the leaflet serving American constituency; Dr. Meihuizen [likely Hendrik Wiebes Meihuizen, Hendrik Meihuizen, Hendrik W. Meihuizen, H. W. Meihuizen] would be coming to North America for meetings of Mennonite World Conference Preparatory Committee [Mennonite World Conference Preparatory Commission; vorbereitenden Kommission] and bring materials....

• • • ATTACHED, one-sheet typed document, in English, that may be draft of proposed text for the brochure.

• • • also ATTACHED, an architect’s sketch of the projected church building.

• • • CONTIGUOUS, Leo Laurense to Bender, December 12, 1959 [from Bolsward (Holland)]: the Dutch committee had raised 37,000 fl. for the church building at Witmarsum; what the architect--Brother Walinga--developed would depend on money available; doubted much more would come from Dutch brotherhood; ADS [Algemeene Doopsgezinde Societeit--General Mennonite (literally “baptist-minded”?) Society, i.e., Dutch Mennonite general conference] would not give much as Reformed Church had undertaken much building of churches in new communities and ADS had decided it should do the same; so would like Americans to raise their contributions in first part of 1960; from Meihuizen the writer understood “you” want to use the slides and tape; please return them when finished.

{7} THREE entries

Fragment of letter of Leo Laurense probably to Bender, penciled “Early 1960” [the letter’s final page, signed by Laurense]: appears to have been asking questions about subject(s) other than raising money for Menno Simons Memorial Church building at Witmarsum; reference to material for articles in Doopsgezinde Bijdragen, Doopsgezind Jaarboekje, and others; mention material from Mennonite Encyclopedia.// About support for the church building at Witmarsum, treasurer thought a few thousand gilders were still needed; if you have money available, would welcome it; in the final committee meeting, not yet financial closure.

• • • CONTIGUOUS, Bender to various editors of Mennonite papers, December 22, 1960 [to papers who had received a recent release about the Menno Simons Memorial Church]: in that release, please replace the second paragraph’s second sentence with “A new meetinghouse, which is to serve the two congregations of Witmarsum and Pingjum, has been erected to replace the former meetinghouse which was old and in need of much renovation, which has been torn down”;...

• • • CONTIGUOUS, Willis Detweiler to Leo Laurense, February 14, 1961 [Detweiler--Assistant Treasurer (likely of MCC)]: MCC recently had sent a $500 contribution for the meetinghouse; in addition some small contributions had come in, and William T. Snyder [“Bill” Snyder] had requested that they be sent; listed 4 small contributions with names and addresses; cc Snyder, Bender.

{8} Ira D. Landis to Bender, June 17, 1961 [Landis at Bareville Pennsylvania via airform to Bender at European Mennonite Bibleschule at Bienenenberg, Basel area, Switzerland {Bienenberg Mennonite Bible School--later, (English name) Theological Seminary Bienenberg; (German Name) Ausbildungs- und Tagungszentrum Bienenberg; (French Name) Centre de formation et de rencontre Bienenberg}]: thanks for card [not extant here]; very convoluted sentences about contributions and confusion among accounts; tell “Bro. Lawrence” he could expect a total of $1500...; mention meeting of the “Federated Historical Society” this week in Lancaster, about tours; planning solicitation for a new building [?? perhaps Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society ??]; bit of discussion of J. B. Smith’s Commentary on Revelation [Jacob B. Smith].

{9} TWO entries

Leo Laurense to Bender, March 6, 1961 [airform to Goshen from Bolsward, The Netherlands]: reference to Bender letter of January 4 [not extant here]; about status of the fundraising [surely for Menno Simons Memorial Church], with figures, including final cost of about fl. 60,000 of which Americans had given about fl. 10,000; mention monies from Ira Landis, MCC, Canadian “Imm. Board”, Cornelius Krahn, and more; apology for not sending account of the celebration--get it from your church’s delegates and from Doopsgezind Weekblad....

• • • CONTIGUOUS, Leo Laurense to Bender, July 19, 1961 [via airform, from Bolsward]: further accounting of gifts from North America “for the Witmarsum church”.

{10} Leo Laurense to Bender, January 1, 1962 [from Bolsward, The Netherlands]: committee for the building of the Menno Simons Memorial Church had held its final meeting; much description of decisions made; many financial figures; Weekblad would publish a short report of the finances.// Now about the bibliography on which Laurense was working; some questions--how to report on mission work in Indonesia, e.g. pre-World War II when Indonesia was considered part of The Netherlands.// One more report on contributions from North America.

{11} Postcard, Leo Laurense to Bender, August 17, 1962 [mailed from St. Louis Missouri, but with return address Bolsward, the Netherlands (NOTE: Bender died on September 21, 1962)]: about getting slides about Witmarsum back to Europe [Menno Simons Memorial Church]; mention Bender assistant Mr. Klassen [?? William Klassen ??] and Cornelius Krahn.

{12} SIX entries

Daniel Leatherman to Bender, January 17, 1959 [from Chicago (Leatherman was a graduate student, recently graduated from Goshen College]: was writing a paper on “The Mennonite Attitude Toward Capitalism (A Reply to Weber)” [Max Weber, The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism]; was also using R. H. Tawney, Religion and the Rise of Capitalism [Richard Henry Tawney]; discussed some heavy issues; asked for comment from Bender, John Howard Yoder [John Yoder, John H. Yoder] and/or J. C. Wenger [John C. Wenger].

• • • REPLY, Bender to Daniel Leatherman, January 27, 1959: found the letter interesting, sending it to Ernst Correll who was well steeped in the works of Weber and Tawney; comments on particular statements of Leatherman....

• • • REPLY, Daniel Leatherman to Bender, January 24, 1959: comment on having just discovered Correll and his work; Leatherman wrote as if soon coming to Goshen for his research, setting time for appointment with Bender then.

• • • CONTIGUOUS, Henrietta Van Noy to Daniel Leatherman and Bender, March 2, 1959 [stationery of The American University, Washington D.C.]: Ernst Correll, about to enter hospital for check-up, asked that she forward attached notes on Leatherman’s inquiry; asked Leatherman to furnish a fuller outline; Correll was interested....

• • • ATTACHED, 2.5 page document commenting on Daniel Leatherman inquiry, by Ernst Correll.

• • • CONTIGUOUS, Bender to Daniel Leatherman, March 19, 1959: wonder whether Correll’s material had been of value to Leatherman.

{13} Daniel Leatherman to Bender and Melvin Gingerich, May 21, 1962 [from Chicago]: for his doctoral work Leatherman wanted to do a study of political socialization of Mennonite youth “of grammar-school age; inquiring whether “the Historical and Research Committee” [sic] of Mennonite General Conference might sponsor the study and give financial support; continued with comments on issues and content of the study as projected; mentioned writing to Bishop John E. Lapp; [lengthy letter].

{14} re John E. Leatherman, cross-file sheet directing to Paul N. Kraybill correspondence for a letter concerning an African student; no date given; sheet is penciled “File: John E. Leatherman”.

{15} Quintus Leatherman to Bender, May 9, 1960 [airform from London England]: were planning a conference in London and wanted Bender to speak; wanted to fit itinerary of Bender going to or from the Continent; details; emphasis would be on “the Anabaptist view of the Christian Life and the Church.// Second matter was possible translation of a piece by Karel Kulik re “‘The Net of Faith’ by Peter Chelcicky”--from Mennonite Quarterly Review of July 1959; some detail.

{16} FOUR entries

Copy of Quintus Leatherman to Urie Bender, November 1, 1960 [from London, to Urie Bender of Mennonite Board of Missions and Charities]: proposing to publish pamphlets for use in work at London Mennonite Centre; much mention of Herb and Maureen Klassen [Herbert Klassen, Herb Klassen]; proposed six existing items for content, with an item by Bender, others by J. A. Toews, Virgil Vogt, John H. Yoder [John Howard Yoder], John W. Miller; and more to be written (list of proposed topics).

• • • CONTIGUOUS, Quintus Leatherman to Bender, November 28, 1960 [from London Mennonite Centre]: for “CROSS AND CROWN” pamphlet series, wished permission to use your “The Mennonite Conception of the Christian Church and Community” from 1945; question about using the word “Mennonite”--discussion of this; P.S. suggested as a sub-title “the Relevance of the Early Church For Today”.

• • • CONTIGUOUS, manuscript, 7.5 single-spaced pages, with editorial markings; by Harold S. Bender, titled “Church and Community: The Relevance of the Early Church for Today”.

• • • CONTIGUOUS, Bender to Quintus Leatherman, December 21, 1960 [marked “PERSONAL”]: gave permission asked for in the November 28 letter; glad of plan to publish these pamphlets; saw hand of Herb Klassen [? Herbert Klassen ?] in assigning John W. Miller for “Planned Giving or Self-Sacrifice”; Miller’s “radical position against the concept of Stewardship” was “not the position ofthe [sic] Church, and is not the Anabaptist-Mennonite approach; urged going slow with this suggestion and submitting anything to H. Ernest Bennett of the mission board; do not write to John Howard Yoder about this, as he was a close friend of John W. Miller; also saw Herb Klassen hand in recommendation of Virgil Vogt, who also was “faulty” regarding Stewardship; warning to take care about what Herb and Maureen write, immersed as they were with the Concern group and at Reba Place; Bender had no objection to some Concern group folks writing, but advocated also for using teachers “in our Seminaries...more in thecenter [sic] of our Church’s life” than were Concerns folks; cc Urie Bender.

{17} J. M. Leendertz to Bender, August 30, 1962 [handwritten on air form from Bennebroek (?Holland?), in good English; likely Johannes Matthias Leendertz]: statement of appreciation and sympathy in view of Bender’s illness; gives account of his getting acquainted with Bender and observing his career; high commendation for Bender’s influence.

{18} Harry G. Lefever to Bender, March 10, 1962 [Chicago street address]: introduced self as student at University of Chicago Divinity School, working for an MA degree; was interested in Anabaptist ethics; elaborated; wished to come to Goshen and work in Mennonite Historical Library and while there to meet Bender to discuss Anabaptist research; understood G. H. Williams was writing a new volume on Radical Reformation [see Reflections on the Radical Reformation, by George Huntston Williams (Boston, Massachusetts, 1962-1963], and that J. T. McNeill was much enthused about it; cc Nelson Springer.

{19} Telegram, Bender to C. K. Lehman, May 16, 1960 [Lehman at EMC--Eastern Mennonite College; later EMU, Eastern Mennonite University]: asking him to conduct chapel service on Friday.

{20} TWO entries

Postcard, Chester K. Lehman to Bender, September 16, 1950 [indicated only as from “Chester” but from Harrisonburg Virginia and surely Chester Lehman, C. K. Lehman]: wanted Bender to confirm he could give the Conrad Grebel Lectures January 30-February 3, 1961; or if necessary, later....

• • • REPLY, Bender to Chester K. Lehman, September 20, 1960: could so confirm, but much preferred not to begin until February 1.

{21} Bender to James O. Lehman, April 21, 1959 [Lehman at Eastern Mennonite College; EMC; later EMU, Eastern Mennonite University]: belated thanks for Lehman letter of February 27, about an article [--see “David A. Schneck's notes on the History of the Sonnenberg (Ohio) Swiss Mennonite Congregation,” by John S. Umble, in Mennonite Quarterly Review, 29:276-299 October, 1955]; Bender would take the matter up with Professor Umble, who was 80.// Thanks re some other matters having to do with John Horsch History contest and with something Lehman had sent to Mennonite Historical Library.

{22} TWO entries

John A. Lehman to Bender, May 18, 1962 [from Blough Mennonite Church near Holsopple Pennsylvania]: wanting Bender to give his Conrad Grebel Lectures at Johnstown Bible Conference November 22-25, 1962.

• • • REPLY, Bender to John A. Lehman, May 21, 1962: Yes; gave titles of particular lectures; (NOTE: Bender died on September 21, 1962).

{23} Memorandum, Bender to John Lehman, May 23, 1958 [John E. Lehman]: instructing Lehman to send papers immediately to Reinhart H. Vogt and his wife Ruth Vogt of Winnipeg, so that they could cross the border into USA to attend Summer Session.

{24} Memorandum, Bender to John Lehman, October 21, 1958 [John E. Lehman]: Eldon King and William Nofziger were not eligible for Ministers’ discounts [likely for attending the seminary]; Bender explained why.

{25} John E. Lehman to Bender, March 24, 1959 [John Lehman]: International Student Committee had acted re two students: “Miss Lichdi” to accept if she passed an English test; Watson Soong not accepted as he was “established in a Seminary program in Philadelphia”....

{26} TWO entries

John E. Lehman to Bender, April 14, 1959 [John Lehman]: about financial aid for Claude Beachy to attend Summer Session.

• • • REPLY, Bender to John Lehman, April 28, 195? [strikeover; probably 1959] [John E. Lehman]: recommended giving remainder of Schowalter Fund to Beachy....

{27} TWO entries

Paul J. Lehman to Lewis E. Strite, March 7, 1959 [addressed only to Strite, but a 3.3-page, single-spaced, (dim) spirit-duplicated letter marked “Copy”; no letterhead, no return address]: It is about a German [apparently German-language] broadcast beginning from Luxembourg, apparently with a person “Brother Janzen” in charge there; mention Samuel Gerber; Mennonite Broadcasts Incorporated; posed two policy approaches at work, one of which he labeled “Mennonite” and the other “Catholic” [apparently not referring to doctrine or to institutional connection, but to some inherent quality of the approach]; wrote clearly that he thought his apple cart, which had been Mennonite in that sense, had been upset; raised questions of whether Mennonite Broadcasts had sought counsel of church leaders at its beginnings; reference to the position of “John Howard” in this [likely meaning John Howard Yoder, John H. Yoder].

• • • CONTIGUOUS, Paul J. Lehman to Lieber Brüder [Dear Brethren], April [no day], 1959 [stationery of Mennonite Broadcasts, Inc., Harrisonburg Virginia, “The Radio Division of Mennonite Board of Missions and Charities]; letter itself in German; this Lehman signed as “Leiter der europäische Sendungen” (Head of European broadcasts)]: Sending more information about the new Mennonite radio program, which will broadcast from Luxemburg [sic]; reference to a provisional committee of Daniel Wenger, Peter Dyck, Samuel Gerber, and Paul Lehmann [sic] which had met with J. D. Graber present [Joseph D. Graber, “Joe” Graber]; provisional effort was beginning with H. H. Janzen as speaker and Samuel Gerber as announcer, cooperating... (more description, detail); a meeting of the Bible School Committee [Bienenberg Mennonite Bible School--later, (English name) Theological Seminary Bienenberg; (German Name) Ausbildungs- und Tagungszentrum Bienenberg; (French Name) Centre de formation et de rencontre Bienenberg] had originally been planned for March 23, to deal with the Radio matters, but had been deferred in order to make decisions from firmer experience; Samuel Gerber then asked that the Radio work be put on the agenda of the next meeting....

{28} Paul Lehman to “Brother Lewis” [surely, Lewis Strite], May 26, 1959: thanks for letter of the 18th [not extant here]; this day Lehman had been at Bienenberg all day; Bible School Committee [Bienenberg Mennonite Bible School--later, (English name) Theological Seminary Bienenberg; (German Name) Ausbildungs- und Tagungszentrum Bienenberg; (French Name) Centre de formation et de rencontre Bienenberg] had met, and also the Worte des Lebens [Word of Life] executive committee; list of decisions; mention roles of Samuel Gerber, Brother Janzen [H. H. Janzen], “Lehman”, Peter Dyck, a PAX man named George Fast, Daniel Wenger, and a trainee Werner Dobbler; MBI [likely Mennonite Broadcasts, Incorporated] office and studio to be at Bienenberg; “The German program is coming along nicely...”// At recent Mennonite Missionary Conference, Lehman had long talks with David Shank [likely David A. Shank]; warm conversations, gave some content, reference to some David Shank letter to MBI; more this and that; mention Eugene K. Souder [Eugene Souder]; mention “Luciano”....

{29} FIVE entries

Georg Leibbrandt to Bender, January 19, 1959 [from Bonn Germany; in German]: reminding Bender that back in July 1956 Bender had told the writer he would send $100; apparently Bender had forgotten, so this reminder; this along with the devaluation of money since 1933 has been a loss for me; greeting from his wife.

• • • CONTIGUOUS, Georg Leibbrandt to Bender, February 6, 1961: reminder of his January 19, 1959 letter, never answered; shortly before Friend Professor Unruh died [likely Benjamin Unruh, Benjamin H. Unruh] he had asked Leibbrandt whether the money had been received...; reminder of what writer had done for Mennonites since 1941; seemed to suggest that in light of money devaluation, he should get 5% interest for time since 1933.

• • • REPLY, Bender to Georg Leibbrandt, March 16, 1961: Correll [likely Ernst Correll] had handled this matter originally, and now Bender had written to him; would reply.

• • • CONTIGUOUS, Bender to Georg Leibbrandt, May 31, 1961: had not answered your February 6 letter, but had done some research; Bender himself had not had anything to do with this matter, and Ernst Correll who did, was in poor health...; Bender now gave a history of sorts, of happenings in 1954 and in 1938; history involved the Mennonite Publishing House and in 1938 its business manager C. B. Shoemaker [Charles B. Shoemaker] had sent Leibbrandt a letter enclosing a New York check for $100; possibly you forgot, possibly it got lost...; etc.; cc Correll.

• • • ATTACHED, copy of a document headed “STATEMENT”, original signed by Bender and Ernst Correll, “on settlement in 1938 of Georg Leibbrandt’s refund of his One Hundred Dollar deposit in advance of a prospected publication in ‘Studies in Anabaptist and Mennonite History’”; the document indicates that in October-November 1938 Liebbrandt had withdrawn his interest in the matter and Mennonite Publishing House was returning his $100; original to Georg Leibbrandt, copy to Prof. B. Unruh at Karlsruhe [Benjamin H. Unruh, Benjamin Unruh].

{30} TWO entries

Richard H. Lewis to Bender, March 20, 1959 [penned from Ann Arbor Michigan]: wanted help on sources for a paper he was writing about Anabaptists from 1525-1560, which included the Menno Simons period; paper was for Albert Hyma and Raymond Albright; especially interested in trends in the Netherlands....

• • • REPLY, Bender to Richard H. Lewis, April 21, 1959: to help, needed to know your facility in German and Dutch, plus some of what you have access to at the University of Michigan; mentioned works by C. Henry Smith and by John Horsch....

{31} TWO entries

Bender to Kurt Lichdi, February 23, 1959 [to Heilbronn Germany: reference to letter [not extant here] saying Lichdi’s daughter [apparently Roswitha Lichdi “Rose Lichdi”] was thinking of coming to Goshen next year....

• • • CONTIGUOUS, Bender to Kurt Lichdi, March 13, 1959: sending the necessary forms for the daughter to matriculate here; tuition cost; could not say anything definitive about a stipend.

{32} SEVEN entries

Doreen F. Harms (for Peter Dyck) to Kurt Lichdi, March 25, 1959 [stationery of MCC Frankfurt]: Bender had written that before your daughter Roswitha [Roswitha Lichdi “Rose Lichdi”] could be accepted at Goshen she needed a test of her English; discussion of next steps for her travel, etc.; cc Bender.

• • • CONTIGUOUS, Bender to Kurt Lichdi, March 26, 1959: German secretary absent so Bender wrote in English; about papers and certification your daughter will need; she could travel on same boat with other exchange students; board, room, tuition costs for a year, $1100, bit a stipend would cover $300 of that....

• • • CONTIGUOUS, Kurt Lichdi to Bender [no date; stamped as if received March 30]: thanks for Bender message of February 23; if you will send the necessary papers as soon as you can; time to book passage.

• • • CONTIGUOUS, Kurt Lichdi to Bender, April 2, 1959: thanks for yours of March 26; Roswitha Lichdi [“Rose Lichdi”] had gone to MCC Frankfurt and taken her English test; other papers certifying her education; at Frankfurt had arranged her trip...; she would be 21 in June, and was very happy about coming to America.

• • • CONTIGUOUS, Bender to Doreen Harms, April 17, 1959 [to MCC Frankfurt]: thanks for the splendid way she had handled the case of Roswitha Lichdi [“Rose Lichdi”].

• • • CONTIGUOUS, Bender to Kurt Lichdi, April 17, 1959: thanks for yours of April 2; page of details about practical matters of Roswitha’s coming....

• • • ATTACHED, document, 5/8 double-spaced page, “AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF ROSWITHA LICHDI”; tells that her father was in the army 1939-1947, became prisoner of war in England; in 1944 the family was “evacuated to Liebenstein Castle”, arrived home in 1947; then her schooling beginning in 1948, graduating as a kindergarten teacher; etc....

{33} TWO entries

Kurt Lichdi to Bender, January 8, 1960: wanted Bender to write and tell how “Rose” [Roswitha Lichdi] was doing at Goshen; gave some of his own impressions....

• • • CONTIGUOUS, Memorandum, Bender to Committee on Vacation Fine Exemptions, March 15, 1960: writing as a “fatherly adviser to Miss Roswitha Lichdi” upon her parents’ request, regarding her petition against being fined; Bender in full sympathy with the fine system, but it had provision for exceptions which Bender favored invoking in Rose Lichdi’s case.

{34} Myrtle & Gordon to Bender and Elizabeth, July 24, 1962 [pencil markings indicate Myrtle Kolb (? Myrtle Kolb Lichti ?) and Gordon Lichti; Elizabeth Bender, Elizabeth Horsch Bender; penned on small paper]: [clearly, written by Myrtle]; a personal letter, apparently by a Kolb relative; much reference to reunion of Class of 1937; etc.

{35} FOUR entries

re Robert Lee--Marcus Lind to Paul Mininger, June 30, 1958 [stationery of Pacific Coast Mennonite Conference, Lind as Moderator]: Lind had bishop oversight of Mennonite church in Portland Oregon; it was struggling to find a pastor; Robert Lee, a Chinese convert years ago at the mission, was under consideration; he was quite taken with the ideas of the Concern group and of John W. Miller; Lind had conflicting reports about whether these folks had departed from orthodoxy; please give your evaluation of these groups.// Two short paragraphs of personal appreciation etc. for Bender.

• • • REPLY, Bender to Marcus Lind, July 16, 1958 [Lind address rural route Salem Oregon]: “Concern” was different individuals, not an organized group; they vary, making for varying reports; some good may come of them, possibly some harm; “I am not hopeful of too much good”; questioned the approach to mission work underway at Evanston [Reba Place; John W. Miller]; Bender wrote well of Robert Lee but thought he should first take his final year of seminary.....

• • • CONTIGUOUS, Marcus Lind to Bender, November 22, 1959: about “Mission Congregation in Portland”, under Claude Hostetler as pastor and superintendent the last nine years, he still filling the pulpit awaiting a successor; again mention of Robert Lee, in his home congregation; saw pluses and minuses for him; wanted someone “conservative, but not extreme; by all means not an agitator”; wanted Bender’s help finding someone.

• • • REPLY, Bender to Marcus Lind, November 26, 1958: had nobody immediately in mind, would try to report later; had just suggested someone to “Brother Erb” for Lebanon; understood Robert Lee was intending to go to Japan in mission work; might you want him temporarily for a year?

{36} Bender to “Prof. Dr. Lochmann”, December 6, 1960 [to Jan Hus Theological Faculty, Praha Czechoslovakia; in German]: you may remember me from participating in the Puidoux III Conference in Bievres near Paris; Bender hoped also to be at the Christian Peace Assembly in Prague June 13, 1961; but now, interested in another matter;...we are working on an Anabaptist bibliography; wanted information on a book by Dr. Franktisek Hruby, ...[not available here in America?], that should have an article on the Moravian Anabaptists; the book’s title was Novè prospevky k dejinàm moravský novokrtencu (Praha, 1929); several questions about it, beginning with whether this was the book and wanting page numbers of the article.

{37} Bender to G. H. Lohrenz, September 12, 1959 [to Prof. Lohrenz at Canadian Mennonite Bible College; likely Gerhard H. Lohrenz, Gerhard Lohrenz]: had seen announcement that one could order F. C. Peters’ [likely Frank C. Peters] thesis from you; wished to do so--price? If you are publishing, wished a list of your publications.

{38} TWO entries

C. Warren Long to Bender, January 2, 1959 [stationery of Willow Springs Mennonite Church, Tiskilwa Illinois, Charles Warren Long as pastor]: inviting Bender to be speaker at Easter service March 29.

• • • REPLY, Bender to C. Warren Long, January 5, 1959: would gladly accept, but already engaged in Ontario.

{39} TWO entries

A. Lehman Longenecker to Bender, May 13, 1960 [stationery of Pinto Mennonite Church, Pinto Maryland, Longenecker the pastor]: asking Bender to be Thanksgiving Day speaker in 1961, on Mennonite history.

• • • REPLY penciled at bottom--instruction to reply that he could not.

{40} Theodor Lörtscher to Bender [no date; stamped as received February 19, 1959] [from Bern Canton, Switzerland; in German]: had gotten Bender’s address from “Sam Gerber Liestal” [Samuel Gerber]; difficult German, but was writing about evangelization work in Russia [USSR, Soviet Union], mentioning Ukraine and Poland, and apparently about getting Bibles into Russia; attached, a tract-like sheet.

{41} Carl H. Lundquist to Bender, August 17, 1959 [stationery of President’s Office, Bethel College and Seminary, Saint Paul Minnesota]: his institution was in a building program, including for theological education, and writer knew that Goshen had undertaken the same; suggested sending any material that might be helpful.

{42} TWO entries

Freimut Lüttig to Bender, March 8, 1959 [from Bamberg Germany; short note penned in English]: asking for list of churches who were members of Mennonite World Conference.

• • • REPLY, Bender to Freimut Lüttig, April 18, 1959: a list of 14 church bodies in western Europe and North America.

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