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Jacob W. Toews letters

Jakob W Toews (1847-1933) family correspondence. Jakob W Toews corresponded extensively with his son Gerhard Jakob Toews (1903-1984) who emigrated to Canada in 1926. Some of Gerhard's siblings remained in Ukraine and perished there.
Letters from Susan, Agnes, Lena and Elizabeth are included in this file. The original letters were transcribed by Katharine Hooge. They are grouped by date beginning in 1927 and ending in 1943 when the three sisters died. - (10 files) Box 262
1.1) 1927
1.2) 1928
1.3) 1920
1.4) 1930
1.5) 1931
1.6) 1932
1.7) 1934
1.8) 1935
1.9) 1936-1937
1.10) 1939-1940 Box 262

Toews, Gerhard Jakob, 1903-1984

Mamma Dueckman Zagradovka Massacre

This file consists of the following item:
A "Mama" Dueckman letter to "All dearly beloved children" describing the Zagradovka massacre of 1919. John B. Toews made a transcription of the letter which was in the Gothic script and translated it into English, leaving some sections out. Box 262

Dueckman, Mrs.

David Goerz Letters

This file contains the following items:
1) The original letters are housed in the Mennonite Library and Archives in North Newton Kansas. Copies are included in this file.
2) Letters from David, a teacher, to his parents in Tashkent from 1863 to 1868. They were transcribed and typed by Kathe Hooge.Handwritten notes by John B. Toews about the content of the letters are included. Box 262

Goerz, David 1849-1914

Frank F. Isaac Letters

This file consists of the following item:
1) A personal letter from Grete and F. Thiessen to F.F. Isaac welcoming the family to their new home in Rosthern Saskatchewan in 1926. 1 page.
2) F.F. Isaak, "Denkschrift zum Wiederaufbau der Mennonitischen Kolonien in Russland, Jan.1, 1922. 4 pages. Box 262

Isaac, Frank F. 1876-1944

Friesen, A.A. correspondence

This file consists of the following items:
1) Correspondence regarding the emigration from Russia in the 1920's
2) Correspondence regarding the emigration in the 1940's
3) Canadian Board of Colonization minutes
4) Copies of A.A. Friesen Collection held in Newton Kansas. Box 260
5) " A note on A..A. Friesen", Chairperson of the Russian Mennonite Study Commission regarding his work with relief organizations and the settlement of Mennonites fleeing from Russia. Anonymous. 1 page

Friesen, Abram A., 1885-1948

Emigration to Russia 1802

This file contains the following correspondence:
Eight letters from Consul General de Trefurt to His excellency the Chancellor of the Empire of Prussia requesting permission of Mennonites of Danzig to emigrate to Russia in 1802-1893.. See notes.

de Trefurt

Correspondence, September- December 1921

This file contains the following:
1) Letters and documents, February 1921-December 1921.
Correspondence to and from B.B. Janz with the following: Wilhelm Dyck, David Janz, Johannes Merk, B. Franz , H.H. Schroeder, Alvin Miller, Benjamin Unruh regarding the famine in Ukraine and assistance from America to the Mennonites (and others) to emigrate to the West.

Corrrespondence June, July, August 1923

This file contains the following items:
1) Correspondence June, 1923, Philipp Cornies re Purchasing tractors, P.F. Froese, A.J. Fast,
2) Correspondence July,1923 re American Mennonite Relief, VBHH, Board of Colonization with Philipp Cornies, Peter Bergen, Peter H. Unruh, David Toews, A.J. Fast, A.A. Friesen, Peter Froese, F.F. Isaak,
3) Correspondence August 1923 with A.J. Fast, Peter Bergen,Philipp Cornies, P. Froese, Franz Wall, B.B. Janz, VBHH, Die Zentralverwaltung

Correspondence September- December

The file consists of the following:
1) Correspondence 1923 September-December 1923 between Alvin J. Miller, Peter F. Froese, David Toews, B.B. Janz, A.A. Friesen, A.J. Fast, F.F. Isaac, Philipp Cornies, C.F. Klassen, A.J. Fast, B.H. Unruh, H. Bartel,

Correspondence September, October 1924

The file consists of the following:
1) Correspondence and reports concerning the emigration of Russian Mennonites to Mexico
2) Assistance of the Board of Colonization providing support and relief supplies to citizens who did not qualify .
3) Evangelism and distributing Bibles.
The main agents working with emigration were B.B. Janz, B.H. Unruh, H. Goossen, A.J. Fast. P.H. Unruh, David Toews, Philipp Cornies, P.F Froese, A.A. Friesen. Other officials working with emigration were J. DeJong, Jacob Rempel, P. Neufeld, W.L. Jack, Jacob Classen

Correspondence January -May 1925

This file consists of the following:
1) Correspondence and reports concerning the emigration to Canada and Mexico with B.B. Janz and Johann Pankratz, Peter J. Epp, Kornelius Peters, B.H. Unruh, A.A. Friesen, A.J. Fast, Alvin Miller and the Board of Colonization.
2) The Board of Colonization negotiated with the CPR the number of immigrants and the cost per person with Mr. Owen the CPR representative.
3) A report by Kornelius Peters about the situation of Mennonite teachers in the Soviet system.


Guardian Committee Inventory

The file includes the following documents:
1) An index of reports titled: "Odessa Region State Archives, Fond 6, Inventory 3 (1852-1856): Guardianship Committee for Foreign Settlers in Southern Russia (1799-1876)". The summaries of reports deal primarily with property management and inheritance issues. 51 pages.
2) Nominal Index. 14 pages

Odessa South Russia Foreign Settlements

The file consists of the following documents:
1) A description of the South Russian Foreign Settlements' Guardian Committee, 2 pages
2) Guardianship Committee for Foreign Settlers in Southern Russia (1800-1801). This includes reports from 1847-1852 on matters pertaining mostly to the Mennonite population, including law & order, agricultural, financial and inheritance issues. Also mentioned are interactions with the Jewish community in the area. A list of families moving from one colony to another is found on pages 56-57. 58 pages
3) Geographical Index. German & Mennonite Colonies in the Regions of Ekaterynoslav, Tavrida, Kherson and Bessarabia. 17 pages
4) Nominal Index. 26 pages

Central State Archive of the USSR

The file contains an index from the Central State Archive of the USSR, Ministry of State Property, Divine Affairs & Internal Affairs for the years 1802-1803, 1843-1844,1887-1905 & 1998 . It includes summaries of records concerning the publication of songbooks and the Evangelical Lutheran General Konsistory, immigration from Prussia in 1802-03, a history of Mennonites, forestry service, the building of churches and tension between Mennonites & Orthodox, and vital statistics from Warsaw. (36 pages)

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