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Rodeo Isla Poi

This photo is of a Mennonite "cowboy" at the Isla Poi Rodeo in Menno Colony, Paraguay. Cowboys like these overlook the bronco-riding, preventing the wild horse from racing into the fence and potentially injuring the rider.

Beach, Mark

Preacher on bike

This photo is of a preacher of the Neuland Colony biking on a Sunday morning to a church service. Preachers were often at the same time teachers, and would teach from Monday to Saturday. On Sunday they would serve the senior community. In the beginning years of Mennonite settlement in the Paraguayan Chaco, preaching was an unsalaried work.

Policeman with license plate

This photo is of a Mennonite Ordnungsmann (ordinance officer, policeman) in Filadelfia, Fernheim Colony, holding a license plate of the Mariscal Estigarribia Municipality. In 1999, the Paraguayan government introduced a uniform license plate system for all departamentos (provinces). Used in the book" Garden in the Wilderness", by Edgar Stoesz p. 274.

Beach, Mark

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