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Drama being presented at the conference. Sitting at the table is Gerald Janzen (who was a professor at Columbia Bible College in 1985). These are likely students from the College participating in the drama.


Speaker Walter Unger

Walter Unger, President of Columbia Bible College in Abbotsford, British Columbia, addressing the conference.


Presentation by two youth

Two youth (an unknown female and male) are doing a presentation at the conference. On the right side of the white board stand are the words "February 15" and on the left side of the white board stand is a picture of a clock with a smiley face on it.

Maedchenheim residents

Nineteen residents standing on the steps of the first Maedchenheim home in Vancouver, British Columbia located at 6460 St. George Street.


Peter Retzlaff

Peter Retzlaff (pastor of Bethel Mennonite Church from 1976 until 1985) likely listening to a speaker after a meal has been served. The setting appears to be in a a restaurant. Peter was also chair of the confence from 1982-1985.


Eugene, Marilyn Klassen and family

Sitting are (left to right) Steven, Eugene, Marilyn and standing in front of them (left to right) are Debbie and Andrea. The picture is taken in December and they are all wearing winter clothes.


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