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Wedding portrait of Johann Kroeger and Anna Martens

Black and white. Couple is seated, with man to left and woman to right. Man is wearing dark suit with long coat and light coloured shirt and tie. Man is holding white glove in raised left hand. Right had not visible. Woman is wearing veil with flowers and long light coloured dress. Her left hand is resting on her lap, with light coloured glove on. Her right hand is resting chair arm, with ring visible on ring finger. Her feet appear to be resting on head of stuffed leopard. Johann Kroeger and Anna Martens wedding.


Young men on railroad under construction

Black and white. Group of 6 young men. All wearing dark uniforms with large metal buttons except man on far right. All wearing hats with visors. 5 men on the left are leaning on railing, man on right is standing. Standing at edge of railway tracks. Halbstadt, 1914. Railroad just under constrction; a branch line. Abraham P. Regier on right. Had special permission from director so he didn't have to wear bright buttons (except for church). When Abraham P. Regier graduated he sold uniform to Priess, neighbour of Margaretha (Kroeger) Regier.


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