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CMBC Graduation

This photo shows the 1985 CMBC graduating class. Front row: Janine Froehlich, Trudy Froese, Patty Steinmann, Rebecca Thomas, Patti Harms, Lori Kroeker, Janice Wideman, Lorraine Janzen, pat Reimer, Rita Dyck. Second row: Carilee Braun, Ella May kroeker, Luci Dueck, John Esau, Julian Li, Art Klassen, Janet Tiessen, Jane Schultz, Omar Freeman, Ron Falk. Third Row: Tim Snider, Margo Feininger, Irene Crosland, Bob Crosland, Gerald Enns, Daryl Dyck, Don Bergen, harold Schlegel, Monica Strempler, Jeff Schellenberg. Last row: Robb Nickel, Arnold Fast, David Tam, Ed Goerzen, Peter Klassen, Al Friesen, Ryan Rempel, Evan Schultz, Herman Stahl, Rod Froese.

Benedet, Wayne

Mennonite Church in Alma Ata, U.S.S.R.

This photo is of Urbane Peachey, left, and tour member Ed Stoltzfus, beside him, who are conversing with brothers at the newly renovated facilities of the Mennonite congregation at Alma-Ata in the Soviet Kazakh Republic. Urbane Peachey was the co-director of a tour to this region.

Shenk, Gerald

Planning meeting for the 1983 consultation

Left to right around the table: Ed Stoesz, Dave Redekop, Allan Labun, Frank Epp, J.M. Klassen, Ross Nigh, Hugo Jantz, Henry Goerzen, Abraham Wiebe, John Neufeld. Moderators of Mennonite Conference and MCC (Canada) Executive Committee members.

Nickel, Robb

Bergthaler Lehrdienst

This photo is of the Bergthaler Mennonite Church of Manitoba's Lehrdienst (Ministerial) on September 17, 1961 at the 125th anniversary of the Bergthaler Mennonite church (1836). From left to right, first row: Bruno Schroeder, Peter Klassen, P.U. Giesbrecht, Ernest Wiebe, Jacob F. Pauls, J.M. Pauls, John J. Hooge, David Schulz, D.D. Klassen, Peter J. Loewen, C.H. Friesen, B.P. Wiebe, Franz Letkeman Sr. Second row: Jacob Epp, J.W. Schmidt, John Hoeppner, William J. Peters, D.K. Friesen, David Hildebrand, Jacob Letkeman, A.H. Born, David Wiebe, P.G. Dueck, Abram Funk, Johan Epp, H.J. Gerbrandt, J.J. Loewen, John H. Janzen, William Funk, David Klassen, J.C. Stobbe. Back row: J.B. Braun, J.R. Esau, Ben Hoeppner, J.J. Sawatzky, Frank Letkeman, John J. Siemens, J.J. Wiens, John Driedger, David D. Friesen, H.H. Pauls, David H. Loewen, Edwin Plett, Abram J. Wiebe, H. Esau, Isaak Loewen, frank Eidse, Abram Sudermann, Abram Doell.

The Heinrich Unruh Family, parents and 8

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  • 1939

The Heinrich Unruh Family, parents and 8 children, their ages given in brackets. Seated (left to right): David (20); the mother, Maria (nee Schellenberg); the father, Heinrich (59); Abraham (14). Standing (left to right): Maria (11); Peter (16); Erna Neumann (wife of David); Anna (25), Alida’s mother; Helena (26); Heinrich (23); Kaethe (10). Alida’s grandfather, Heinrich Unruh, returned home to his family on Dec. 31, 1938 after enduring 6 years of hard labour in a prison camp (Gefangenschaft). The entire family had suffered serious consequences due to his imprisonment. The four oldest siblings had to work at manual labour however received only 50% of their wages because they were considered “enemies of the people”. Ten-year-old Kaethe has the distended belly of malnutrition. She was also quite ashamed of her underpants, which were her brother’s cut-off pants and are visible under the dress. This photo was published in: Harry Loewen, ed. Road to Freedom, Mennonites Escape the Land of Suffering (Kitchener (Ontario): Pandora Press, 2000), p.66.


The young Unruh family in Tiegenhagen, Molotschna

  • CA MAO M2004U 4
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  • 1915

The young Unruh family in Tiegenhagen, Molotschna Colony, Ukraine. Heinrich and Maria Unruh, grandparents of Alida, are pictured with (left to right) Helene aged 3, baby Heinrich 6 months, and two year old Anna (mother of Alida). This photo was taken when grandfather had come home on leave from the medical corps during WW I.


A sewing class in Tiegenhagen

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  • 1937

A sewing class in the home of the instructor in Tiegenhagen, Molotschna Colony. Alida’s mother, Anna Unruh is seated at her sewing machine on the left. The other young women in the class are: (clockwise, left to right) Alice Hiller, ?Froescher, Herta Dause, Lena Suderman, the instructor, Irma Martens, ? Kasianj. The name of the young woman seated in the front is not known.


The 18 year old Abraham Unruh, Alida’s maternal

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  • 1943

The 18 year old Abraham Unruh, Alida’s maternal uncle, is seated with his guitar. Abraham was the brother of Anna Unruh, Alida’s mother. The photo was taken Aug. 22, 1943 and sent to Anna Unruh who was living in Leipzig, Germany at that time. Abraham changed his name to Adolf under the German occupation of the Ukraine.


The wedding of Elisabeth Stobbe and Dietrich

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  • 1930s

The wedding of Elisabeth Stobbe and Dietrich Baerg in the 1930s at Schönau, Molotschna Colony. Dietrich’s sister Lena (Helena) Baerg stands to the left of the bride. On the far right is her sister, Agnes Baerg.
The two young women in the middle are not identified. Dietrich and Lena were Alida’s mother’s maternal cousins. The parents of Dietrich and Lena were Heinrich Baerg and Aganetha (Schellenberg) Baerg, formerly of Tiegenhagen.


MBBC Ministers' Course 1965

This is a photo of MBBC students for two weeks, February 8-19, were the following brethren at the annual Ministers' Course: first row, l-r: Peter C. Penner, Wm. Schroeder, J. Funk, D. Durksen, Isaac Tiessen, Isaac H. Block, Henry Regehr, D.A. Dyck, J. J. Nikkel, George Thielman, John Quiring; second row--Henry Janzen, John Reimer, Wm. Martens, H. Klassen, H. Schroeder, John Block, Arno Fast, Abe J. Froese, D. Thiessen, Jake Kroeker, Dave Nickel, Herman Voth; third row--P. Wiebe, J. J. Thiessen, George Reimer, H. Peters, David Dick, A. Hyde, P.R. Bartel, D. K. Schellenberg, J. Neufeld, J. Neudorf, John Klassen; fourth row--Henry Baerg, Rudie Willms, Herman Kroeker, B. Stobbe, A.H. Dueck (MB Herald, March 5, 1965, p. 6)

Student council

Student council consisting of 16 persons. Sitting (left to right): Gaye Friesen, Ron Penner, Henry Pauls, Betty (Stobbe) O'Malley, Edith Balzer, John Wiens, Walter Goertzen, Karen Wiebe, Carol (Neumann) Wiebe, Henry Born, Betty Friesen, Jim Baerg, Irene Suderman. Standing (left to right): Arnold Falk, Bert Loewen, Ben Stobbe.


35 volunteers

Individual portraits of 35 volunteers at the Mennonite Historical Society. First row (left tor right) : David Nickel, Clara Thiessen, Ben Stobbe, Ben Braun, Agnes (Braun) Loewen. Second row (left to right) : Erma Wiebe, Erica Suderman, Ed Hildebrand, Dolores Harder, David Giesbrecht. Third row (left to right) : Helen Rose (Goertzen) Pauls, Helen (Block) Nickel, Frank Toews, Ethel (Brandt) Suderman, Esther (Epp) Harder. Fourth row (left to right) : John B. Toews, Jean (Schmidt) Neufeld, Jake Geddert, Jugo Friesen, Helga Rempel..
Fifth row (left to right) : Luella Enns, Louise Price, Lora (Neufeldt) Sawatsky, Laura (Redekopp) Unger, John Konrad. Sixth row (left to right) : MaryLou Braun, MaryAnn (Friesen) Quiring, Mary (Konrad) Epp, Marie Derksen, Lydia (Martens) Isaak. Seventh row (left to right) : Sandy Massic, Robert Martens, Richard Thiessen, Peter Neudorf, Nellie Epp.


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