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Album of Standard Implement & Sales Co.

The album shows pictures of Cornelius DeFehr, A.C. DeFehr, B.B. Fast, Corny C. DeFehr, William DeFehr, J. Wedel, Herman Wilms in various poses at work in their offices. As well, pictures of William J. Neufeld, Ed Wilms, Abe Doerksen, Margaret Froese, and others at work.
This photo (#11) is of C.A Defehr with his sons in his retail store with several Gilson appliances. left to right C.A. Defehr, Corny DeFehr, William Defehr, B.B. Fast, A.C. Defehr.

Graduating Class of Herbert Bible School

This photo is of the graduating class and faculty of Herbert Bible School from 1938 - 39. The is a formal collection of individual photos compiled into a collage done by Goodman Photo Studio, Swift Current, Saskatchewan. In the middle of the collage is a photo of the Bible School. The first row left to right; Henry P. Klassen, Abe. H. Wieler, Albert Redekop, Edwin C. Brandt, George G. Driedger, Peter P. Hamm, Friedrich H. Ohlmann, Elmer G. Reimche, John R. Martens, Wilfred W. Reimche. Second row; Ella Barkman, Mary Epp, Sarah Wiens, Mary Peters, Elizabeth Schutz, Betty Siemens, Hertha Falk, Frieda Redekop, Katharina Funk, Erla D. Joar. Third row; Otto Neufeld, John H. Dyck, Peter Wiebe, Ed. W. Lautermilch, Frank H. Driedger, Henry Koop, Jacob I. Klassen, Jacob Schellenberg, Jacob Dahl. Fourth row; Katie Dyck, Sadie Knelsen, Annie Martens, Aaron Warkentin, Helen Goertzen, William J. Elias, Mary Klassen, Tiena L. Penner. Fifth row; Annie Schellenberg, Helen Funk, Agnes Goertzen, William Buller, Jacob Epp, Susie Klassen, John A. Penner, Leo Janz. Sixth row; Cornie Rempel, Katharina H. Toews, Catherine Epp, Frank J. Peters (Instructor of General Church History), Jacob Redekop (Instructor of Prophecy and English Bible), Henry Regehr (Ethics and Principal), Isaac K. Epp (Doctrine and German Choir), Winnie E. Neufeld, Mary Koop, Pete J. Brandt. Seventh row; Clara Dyck, Helen Reimer, Susie Wittman, Agnes Wiebe (Kitchen staff), Frank J. Klassen (Householder), Kathariena Klassen(Householder), Mary Martens (Kitchen staff), Bertha Knelsen, Agnes Wieler, Tina Neufeld. Eigth row; Anne Wiebe, Willie E. Thiessen, Marie Thiessen, Jacob voth, Jacov J. Dyck, John J. Neufeld, Abe Koop, Hilda C. Schroeder, Hilda I. Schroeder, Nellie Groese

Goodman Studio

Ministers and deacons short course

Participants in a ministers and deacons course held at Winkler Bible Institute in February 1944. Identified are (left to right): [row 1 seated] (?), (?), H.H. Redekopp, A.H. Redekopp, G.D. Pries, (?), P.S. Zacharias, (?), Wm. Peters. [row 2 seated] A.G. Neufeld, John P. Bueckert, Ben Horch, J.G. Wiens, Abram H. Unruh, A.A. Kroeker, (?), Heinrich Harder, (?). [row 3 standing] Jacob Toews, (?), (?), (?), A.G. Teichroeb, (?), (?), (?), David Fast, (?). [row 4 standing] (?), (?), Nikolai Redekopp, (?), (?), (?), (?), (?), (?), (?). [row 5 standing] (?), (?), B. P Wiebe, (?), (?), (?), Peter P. Kehler, Jacob H. Friesen, (?), Abe P. Bueckert, C.B. Krahn. [row 6 standing] P.G. Friesen, (?), Isaac P. F. Friesen, (?), Serh H. Penner, -- Unrau, S.S. Neufeld, J.H. Klassen, (?), P.P. Zacharias, (?) 2 copies



This photo is of students in a classroom. Some who are identified; back row: Isaac Epp, Dan Wirsche, H. Regehr, Paul Neufeld, William Thiessen, Row 2: Anne Wiebe, Katherine Epp, Front row: Sue Wittman, Louise Toews

Graduating Class of Herbert Bible School

This photo is of the graduating class of Herbert Bible School. There are individual photos taken by Goodman Studios of the class and faculty. The photos are formed into a collage. There is a photo of the Bible School in the upper middle of the piece. Top row from left to right; Peter Doerksen, John Teichroeb, Corny Enns, John Guenther, John Penner, Ed Buller, Corny Braun, Harvey Klassen, George Diredger, Jacob Penner. Second row; Martha Knelsen, Orlanda Hamm, Laura Schoreder, Justina Drieger, Adelina Janz, Lydia Unger, Margaret Epp, Mary Bahnman, Mary Teighroeb, Mary Unger. Third row; Katherine Peters, Helen Schapansky, Henry Neufeld, Louise Toews, Gunda Priebe, Dan Wiebe, Martha Martens, Hilda Neufeld. Fourth row; Helen Riediger, Mary epp, Hanry P. Klassen, Katie Dyck, Otto Neufeld, Elsia Lautermilch. Fifth row; Annie Siemens, Frida Redekop, Annie Wiebe, Hulda I. Schroeder, John Henry Dyck, Ruth Redekop. Sixth row; Bertha Priebe, Frank Doerksen, John G. Penner, Leo Janz, J.F. Redekop (Principal, Homeletics, prophecy), H. Regehr (Assistant principal, Exegeses, Ethics), N.D. Janz (Bible doctrine, Life of Christ), Agnes Wieler, Corny Frase, Agnes Klippenstein. Seventh row; Hildebard Schroeder, George G. Driedger, Albert Redekop, E.J. Lautermilch, Wilfred Reimche, Anne Schutz, H. Toews, Katharina Funk, Katherine Goertzen, Katie Knelsen. Eight row; Frank Klassen, Kathariena Klassen, Jacob Schellenberg, Abe H. Wieler, Jacob Dahl, Tiena Penner, Margaret Klassen, Hilda Penner, Katharine N. Toews, Emma Buller.

Goodman Studio

Slide Presentation-CHM - Open your Eyes to the People

  • CA MHC 573
  • Collection
  • 1991

This slide show was produced by Women in Mission and the Commission on Home Ministries of the General Conference Mennonite Church. The Women in Mission provided funding so that 10 women could travel North America to see the involvements of the General Conference's work through Commission on Home Ministries. The photos for this presentation were provided by these ten women on the trip: Evaleen Bertsche, Earlene Clark, Norma Duerksen, Mary Litwiller, Nettie Neufeld, Holly Olfert, Evelyn Rempel, Shirley Ries, Jan Lisa Wilhelm, Martha Zimmerman. Script was written by Ardie S. Goering. CHM (Commission on Home Ministries) works with the Mennonite churches in North America in overcoming racial and cultural prejudices. It seeks to bring the vision of Christ's ministry to the people of the United States and Canada. CHM works to plant churches in specific cultural groups cross cultural fellowship women in mission Chicago, Washington, Arizona, Toronto, Winnipeg. The photos are illustrative in nature and show people of many different races in daycares, schools, churches, interacting with one another indoors and outdoors. -- Note: with this is a script and a audio cassette #2358.

CMBC graduation

This photo is of CMBC graduation, 1961. This is taken outside. The graduates have graduation gowns on. Menno Wiebe and G. Neufeld.

Rosenthal Central school

This item consists of the Rosenthal Central school, Chortitza settlement, Ukraine 1907-1909. Teachers l-r: Abram Jakob Wiebe, Martin Neufeld, Kornelius Braun. (2 copies)

Rosenthal Central School

This item consists of the Rosenthal Central School, Chortitza settlement in the Ukraine around the years 1907-1909. Teachers were Kornelius Braun, Abram J. Wiebe and Martin Neufeld.

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