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Mennonite Biblical Seminary Board

This photo shows J. Herbert Fretz, Harry Martens, A. E. Rosenberger, A. E. Kreider, , Willard Klassen, Elmer Ediger, Olin Kreibel, Erland Waltner, Isaac I. Friesen, J. J. Wichert, E. G. Kaufman, Jim Reesor, and Paul J. Schaefer sitting around a meeting table.

Brubacher House, 1890

  • CA MAO 1990-10 1
  • Einzelstück
  • 1890

Photos on permanent loan (3 copies), and an additional copy from Brubacher House. South side of University of Waterloo north campus. Left to right: Hired man, Noah Brubacher (John E.'s son); Manda Martin (Daughter of John E.'s daughter, Mary Ann); Harriet Brubacher (John E's daughter); Dolly Randall (hired girl)

Tree planting

Planting a tree in front of the church with a crowd standing around and one person digging the hole and another person putting the sapling into the hole.


Sunday school committee

Sunday school committee standing in front of a wooden wall in the Sunday School department area. Left to right : Irene Ens, Arlene Peters, Eileen Taves, Karen Zimmerly.


Emmanuel Mennonite Church (Winkler) fonds

  • Sammlung
  • 1986-2014, 2016-2021

This fonds contains bulletins (1986-2020), calendar of activities (1989-1996), directory (1994, 2006, 2007, 2016-2021), and minutes of the congregation's education committee meetings, finance committee meetings, missions committee meetings, and worship committee meetings (1986-2006, 2016-2020) , and the congregational worship calendars and themes (1986-2006). The records pertain to the beginning and development of the Emmanuel Mennonite Church in Winkler, Manitoba and they document the leaders and participants of this congregation.

Emmanuel Mennonite Church (Winkler, Manitoba)

Church minutes, reports, and bulletins

Consists of 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 congregational records including:

  • Bulletins
  • Minutes: Church Council, Facilities, Formation, Membership, Ministerial, Missions, Worship.
  • Directory 2019-2020 and 2020-2021
  • Report book
  • Treasurers Report.
    materials saved on the server W:\Inventory\Electronic Collections\Organizations\Congregations - MB\Emmanuel Mennonite\2021-002

Emmanuel Mennonite Church (Winkler, Manitoba)

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