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Pastoral Visitation Records

Records Kraybill maintained about his contacts with congregants in the congregations he served.  These include dates of visits, topics discussed, and sometimes notes regarding the congregant's difficulties or spirit.  Kraybill also pasted in obituaries or other announcements when congregants of family members appeared in local newspapers.  These records are restricted until January 2, 2035.


Krabill's thorough daily record of his personal and pastoral activities. Like the pastoral visition records, the diaries contain many details about the lives of his congregants. The diaries also contain information about Krabill's home and family life.

Annual Reports and Governing Documents

The annual reports provide researchers a convenient entry into the relief sale records.  They consist primarily of financial reports and document the amount of money raised for Mennonite Central Committee.  However, researchers can also learn about the activities at each sale, the publicizing of the sales, and the kinds of items and food sold at the sales.  The by-laws and non-profit corporation paperwork of the Michiana Mennonite Relief Sale may also be found in this series.

Subject Files

Arranged alphabetically, the subject files reflect the many activities of the organization from Asia Mennonite Conference to World Mission Training Task Force. Included are financial records and correspondence.

Minutes and Reports

Includes minutes of annual and executive committee meetings and statistical and narrative reports regarding the year's activities in the district conferences and at the denominational level. Researchers should note that the reports are not complete. Information on the process leading to the formation of Mennonite Women under the Mennonite Church USA may be found in this series.


Includes a number of formal and informal publications sponsored by or otherwise associated with the Women's Missionary and Service Committee. Researchers should be aware that the vast majority of publications produced by the Women's Missionary and Service Commission may be found in the Mennonite Historical Library.

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