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45th Artillery Regiment

This photo shows a group known as 45th Artillery Regiment under the command of a Penner as part of the Russian (Soviet Union or USSR) armed forces. There are 35 Mennonites on the photo, who all have various positions within the regiment. Included are the following: Dietrich Hiebert, Franz Buhr and David Janzen (in the front); Gerhard Penner, Johann Fast and Jacob Friesen (in the back).


Mennonites in Red Army

This is a photo of young men serving in the Red Army who because of their refusal to take the gun were employed for various physical work. Seated (left to right): A. Neufeld, J. Wiens, de Jager, Wittenberg. Standing: A. Fast, J. Rempel, J. Klassen. Later on such refusal became unthinkable. [HR 73]

AMLV Staff

This photo is a portrait of the AMLV (Mennonite Agricultural Union) Staff, 1925.
Peter Froese (middle, center) and C.F. Klassen (middle, far right) with Franz F. Isaak beside him.
Franz C. Thiessen (middle, far left).

Wedding photo of Peter Dyck and his wife.

This photo is a wedding portrait of Peter Dyck and his wife, maternal (her mother’s brother) uncle of Olga Enns. The bride is wearing a white dress and an unusual headpiece. The setting is very elegant.
Note: The original has been donated (Acc. No. 2010-025).

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